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Dismal Job Growth, Dismal Economy, Not Looking Good for Obama. by The Elephant's Child

The news reports today that the payroll employment rate rose 115,000 in April, and the unemployment rate has changed little at 8.1%.  That sounds good, but it isn’t true, or at least it does not represent reality, because of the way that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports statistics.

The real unemployment rate is 11.6%. The 115.000 rise in employment was far below expectations. Remember that the size of the potential labor force is growing all the time as population increases and more people enter the labor force.

There are 88,419 000 people not in the labor force, an increase of 522,500 from last month’s labor force number of 87,897,000. And more people who are working are holding part-time jobs. Full-time jobs dropped from 114,478,000 from 115,290,000.

I sometimes wonder if the Left refuses to consider any suggestion from Republicans simply because it comes from Republicans. Obama keeps insisting that the economy is recovering, fut he has no answer for job growth.

“The president who used stimulus dollars to build electric cars in Finland and sought to be Brazil’s best oil customer now complains the GOP nominee built his career outsourcing jobs.” Investors exposes some of the baloney by the Obama campaign. The campaign has released an ad saying that “Mitt Romney shipped American jobs to places like Mexico and China” when he led the investment firm Bain Capital. An odd accusation since blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, as Obama has done, will cost the economy the 20,000 jobs that would quickly be added to the economy.

The campaign is not doing their homework though, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney saw the creation of tens of thousands of jobs by companies like Staples, Sports Authority and Domino’s Pizza.  But they accused Romney of having a grandfather who was a polygamist too. It was his great-grandfather, when that was part of Mormon custom. And they ignored the fact that Obama’s father had multiple wives, as did his grandfather.

The mainstream media is increasingly willing to coordinate what they report with what the administration reports uncritically. It makes it hard to understand what is real and what is not.

The Obama Campaign Organization: All Fumbles, No Spark. by The Elephant's Child

In 2008, the Obama campaign organization came up with so many new and different techniques: the circle logo— now so recognizable; the campaign event, accompanied by a free rock band; the logo plastered on podiums, imitations of Air Force One; the Greek temple; and the poster portraits in red and blue with a single word. It was all new and exciting, for a handsome young black man with a mellow baritone voice and a dazzling smile.

In 2012, the campaign organization has lost its spark. There’s no energy, and the fumbles come one after another. There was “the Buffett Rule;” the War on the Rich (Mitt Romney is too rich to be President); President Obama killed Osama bin Laden, Romney wouldn’t have; Obama is Cool, Romney isn’t; the “War on Women;” “Fair shot, fair share, same rules.”

He went to Afghanistan for what was all-too-obviously a campaign speech to remind viewers that he ordered Osama bin Laden killed. Instead of making it an event thanking the military, it was once again all about him. And he got the war wrong. The troops assembled in Kabul have been fighting a war against the Taliban, not against bin Laden, and they must have been dismayed at the president’s words about “reconciliation” with the Taliban.

He tried out “We Can’t Wait” as a theme, but it fizzled and now it is the simple word, FORWARD, which has a long and unfortunate history of use by Hitler and by Soviet Russia as the theme for one program after another.  Even Mao had his “Great Leap Forward.” It is a theme ripe for mockery from every conservative  with Photoshop.

Never has there been an effort by a campaign that so cries out for mockery as the new “Life of Julia.” Only just released, over-the-top mockery is all over the internet, and no one can resist snarky comments.  It is the clearest statement yet of Obama’s worldview. He has no respect for the American people and sees them as unable to get along without government (his) help.  He has previously expressed his contempt for the idea that people should stand on their own two feet, as a dividing line between Republicans and himself — and so it is.

Republicans believe in empowering the individual, with low taxes, the rule of law, only truly necessary regulation, and a positive climate for business. Republicans do believe in a safety net, but safety nets for those who really need help — they are not meant to be “I will take care of you” promises to get votes.

Mr. Obama has been out on the campaign trail for weeks speaking to college students about lowering the interest rate on student loans. Those were official business, but the events held after May 1 are now actually campaign events. (Which tells you who pays for what). It is another attempt to buy votes with taxpayer largesse.

The Obama administration accomplishments are thin at best, even with spin added. The economy desperately needs jobs, but the administration assumes, incorrectly, that improving the business climate by reducing taxes, easing regulation, and making it easier for businesses to work, is just another false Republican lie.  He is urging Congress to pass another “jobs bill,” which I assume is simply another Keynesian stimulus.It’s meant to be another trap for Republicans, who won’t pass it; and he can blame them for not wanting to create jobs.

Surely we can do better.

So What’s Wrong With Big Government Anyway? What We Believe. by The Elephant's Child

Conservatives keep talking about “Big Government” and the disaster that it means for the American people. But what’s wrong with Big Government, and why is Small Government better? The Occupy people are rioting in the streets against Capitalism and Free Enterprise. Why are they wrong, and how do you argue with a liberal.  Bill Whittle is always great at explaining what Conservatives believe.

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