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The Out-of-Control EPA Increases its Reign of Terror. by The Elephant's Child
June 3, 2012, 11:47 pm
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It’s the EPA again. They have been doing aerial photo surveillance of livestock feeding operations in Nebraska and Iowa, a flyover program that has been going on for two years, supposedly to support the Clean Water Act.

Nebraska’s congressional delegation has delivered a joint letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, listing 25 questions about the legality of the surveillance and the privacy rights of business owners. The letter stopped short of calling for an end to the flyovers, but wants some answers about their purpose.

“Nebraskans are rightfully skeptical of an agency which continues to unilaterally¬† insert itself into the affairs of rural America,” Representative Adrian Smith (R-NB) said in a statement.

Nebraska and Iowa have a significant number of livestock feeding operations, as do Kansas and Missouri. The operations fall under an assortment of state and federal regulations intended to protect streams and aquifers from animal waste pollution which can occur in runoff from feed lots .

The frustration for livestock producers is really just the idea that the government has resorted to spying on facilities. Given the EPA’s record of aggressive and over-reaching agriculture regulation, the overflights raise a lot of questions. Like on what statutory authority is the EPA relying to conduct aerial surveillance?

I suppose the Drones are next.


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