American Elephants

Small Government Is Best! Here’s Why. by The Elephant's Child

We dastardly Republicans don’t keep saying these things because it’s a habit, or because it’s what we said before, and before, and before (though we did). We don’t say  it because it is an item of faith in our religion. We don’t say it because the big Cheeses in our think tanks told us to say it. We don’t do “talking points.” We say “Small Government is best” because that’s what the evidence shows, and what our own experience teaches us.

If you prefer EPA flyovers every day or two, checking up on how much you are watering, or whether you are growing the right plants, or if you like the BIG size of soft drinks, or if you want to pack your kid’s school lunch yourself because you know what he likes, or if you just like plain old incandescent bulbs, and don’t think it’s anyone’s business how long your shower lasts — well, you get the idea.

Small government is best.


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