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What’s In a Name? Obama’s “Green Jobs” Fraud. by The Elephant's Child

Chairman Darrell Issa wanted to get to the bottom of the Green Jobs claims by finding out what, exactly, constituted a green job. It seems that like the song — Anything Goes! Green jobs were the centerpiece of all the wind and solar enterprises;  the unemployed would be trained for new 21st century jobs.

They would insulate houses, never mind that here were dozens of insulation companies in every large community. They would build the mammoth wind farms; never mind that the installation had to be done by experienced people usually supplied by the manufacturer. They would build pipelines, nevermind that those were temporary construction jobs.  But with all those green enterprises surely there were hundreds or thousands of green jobs. Well, no.

Just like all the green enterprises, the jobs were a fraud as well. So they started calling things a little further removed from actual greenness — green.  Truck drivers, school bus drivers, people that worked at Goodwill (recycling you know), and of course all the mayors that have been so busy banning plastic bags — those are really green. And the Sierra Club — think of all the jobs demonstrating against power plants and pipelines. How green can you get?

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Hilarious! But you forgot to mention oil-company lobbyists when they are lobbying on (i.e., against) some environmental regulation!


Comment by Subsidy Eye

[…] the Bureau of Labor Statistics acting commissioner. was grilled by Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-CA) on what actually constitutes a “green job.” Which provides a welcome dose of humor. But $1.63 million per job is a  […]


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