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House Votes to Repeal the Medical Device Tax. by The Elephant's Child

The House of Representatives last Thursday passed legislation that would repeal the healthcare reform law’s tax on medical device manufacturers. The Obama administration threatened to veto, but the measure still won the support of 37 Democrats.

The tax of 2.3% was designed to help pay for the excesses of the Affordable Care Act. Medical devices include everything from crutches and wheelchairs, to  stents or MRI machines. The Democrats never understand the unintended consequences of their actions. The tax raises the cost of medicine, because the charge will be added directly to the cost of the device, it will fall most harshly on those who are sick, and will do nothing to reduce the cost of medicine. Aside from that, the tax is already threatening nearly 500,000 jobs in the medical device industry.

The Senate, under Speaker Harry Reid, is unlikely to address the bill at all if they can get away with it. The Supreme Court will be ruling on the health care law later this month. Republicans will continue to extend their efforts to repeal the law.

It is encouraging that 37 Democrats can do simple addition and address questions of logic, but the law’s unpopularity with the public continues to grow, as they “find out what’s in it.”

“This is the 30th vote by the House,” said Speaker John Boehner (R-OH),” aimed at repealing, defunding or dismantling a portion of ObamaCare. And unless the Supreme Court throws out the entire law, we will keep working to repeal whatever is left. Anything less than full repeal in unacceptable.”

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