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Richard Epstein on “Crisis and the Law” by The Elephant's Child

This Uncommon Knowledge conversation with Richard Epstein was uploaded by the Hoover Institution on March 31, 2009. Richard Epstein is considered one of the most influential legal thinkers of modern times, and his libertarian views on the financial crisis are deeply interesting. But Epstein knew Barack Obama at the University of Chicago, and through his next-door neighbor who was Obama’s best friend.

Conservatives have spent 3 1/2  years trying to understand Barack Obama and his actions. I have found Richard Epstein’s comments about Obama to be the best guide to all things Obama that I have seen anywhere. And yet, as Epstein says, he doesn’t really know him at all. I have watched the whole interview several times, and will probably watch it many more. His discussion about his personal and professional associations with Obama starts at 20:36, and lasts around ten minutes. But the whole conversation is valuable.

The conversation ranges through the importance of contracts, the constitutionality of the taxation of AIG executives and the Employee Free Choice Act, the stimulus and the Auto Company bailouts. Peter Robinson is a wonderful interviewer. Enjoy. This is special.

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