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The Final Verdict by The Elephant's Child
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Pretty short on specifics.

Seen the latest OECD figures on national spending on health care? In 2010, spending on health care — both public and private — ate up 17.6% of the USA’s national income. The next-closest big spenders, France and Germany, spent 11.9%. What is interesting, though, is that government expenditure on health care was proportionately almost as big in the United States (8.5% of GDP) as it was in France and Germany (9%), and more than in Japan (7.5%). The difference is in the amount of private spending on top of that.

And please don’t throw back anecdotes about horrors in the UK system. The UK system bears little resemblance to that of France’s, Germany’s and Japan’s. But, of course, while all American researchers can read English, fewer of them understand French, German or Japanese. So information on what works and doesn’t work in those systems is much harder to find.


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