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DOJ Lawyers Add Another Court Appearance to their Incompetence File by The Elephant's Child

The Obama Lawyers have gone to court in Texas to convince black people that white people are trying to keep them from voting by requiring a photo ID. They were attempting to overturn the state’s voter ID law.

One of the chief talking-points used by the Obama administration to attack the Texas voter ID law is the idea that over a million Texans don’t have an ID. But it turns out that the list of people they brought of people who don’t have IDs is — fraudulent. Surveys of those on the list show that some 90% of the people on the list do too have IDs.

The Justice Department presented at trial, evidence that as many as 1.5 million Texans don’t have the government issued photo ID required to vote. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says of the people on that list, 50,000 are dead, 330,000 are over the age of 65 and can vote by mail where a photo ID is not required, and more than 800,000 people are on the list improperly.

Among the people who the DOJ listed as lacking the required documentation needed to vote’ are Former President George W. Bush, San Antonio State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, and Licia Ellis, [whose] husband, Houston state Senator Rodney Ellis, on Wednesday blasted the voter ID law as ‘just like the racist murder of James Byrd’ who was dragged to death in east Texas in 1998.

In fact, University of Texas students conducted a telephone survey of random people on the DOJ‘s list of people who allegedly don’t have the documents required to vote, and found that more than 90% of them, including 93% of African-Americans and 92% of Hispanics on the list, actually have a photo ID.

The Department of Justice unfortunately had a star witness from San Antonio, named Victoria Rodriguez, who testified that she simply did not have the time to get an ID so she could vote. The Texas lawyers pointed out that she had the time to fly to Baltimore, take a train to Washington DC, and sit in a federal courtroom to testify that she does not have the time to go down to her local Department of Motor Vehicles in Texas and get an ID.

An embarrassing day in court. The Department of Justice seems to have some competence issues.


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Yes! Wow. What a hilarious trial that would’ve been to be at. The DoJ is just upset at us because we’re refusing to implement ObamaCare, so they’re gonna refuse to “pre-clear” the same laws that have been fine in other states.


Comment by consideragain

The Justice Department under Eric Holder is vigorously pursuing racial justice, but I’m not sure there’s as much injustice as Mr. Holder seems to believe. Black on black crime, drugs and abysmal schools are problems. There is a problem with dead people voting, and undocumented non-=citizens voting, but requiring voter ID is a transparently phony issue.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Sure. Here’s the thing I don’t understand – and I have yet to look up the numbers on this. (maybe for my next post)

If Voter ID Laws are so bad because they “disproportionately affect black and poor people”, maybe just SOME of that has to do with the fact that a disproportionate amount of black people are poor? Rather than blaming it on racist Republicans, one has to ask… how many minorities do you think are NOT poor, have a steady job, and don’t have a driver’s license? I would venture to say not many at all.

It’s one thing to say a law would disproportionately affect poor people, but to pull race into it without considering that poor people are inherently a very different demographic than other classes is a very large fallacy.


Comment by consideragain

Last election, Obama got what — 97% of the black vote? This time he has a special group called African-Americans for Obama.Somebody’s nervous about losing some of his major block of supporters. Unemployment over all is 8.2%, and 14% for blacks. And unemployment for black kids is sky high. When the DC Opportunity Scholarships were up for renewal, Obama opted in favor of the teacher’s unions. Lots of promises, but he’s been taking his base for granted.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

So, a woman named Victoria Rodriguez flew on a commercial flight (which requires a photo ID) to Baltimore, then took a train (both AMTRAK and MARC require photo ID to board) to DC. Probably stayed at a hotel in DC (all DC area hotels require photo ID at check-in by law – maybe someone else checked her in), and testified at a U.S. District Court (where even if she was escorted in by a staff member or attorney, she still would have had to provide proof of identity at some point), then returned to San Antonio the same way. Hmmm… forget about her “not having time” to get a photo ID… I’m looking a little askance at her claim of not having the ID in the first place.

Just another instance of someone trying to make the case against ID laws that sound silly, or stupid, or both.


Comment by Lon Mead

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