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Helping Obama Get His Message Out… by American Elephant

I always try to be helpful, so, I thought I’d help Obama get his message out…


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A pox on all their houses. Obama clearly sees a government role in everything. Yet I’ve known inventors that made millions without one cent of government help.

At the same time, Bain knows how to milk the system. See, for example, “Romney/Bain owned Steel Dynamics received subsidies for a second Indiana plant while under Bain ownership.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Romney left Bain Capital, relinquished all management in 1999, to go to Salt Lake to rescue the Olympic Games which were about to be withdrawn from the U.S. as a result of fraud and mismanagement, and squandering of funds. He was working 17 hour days, which would have made it hard to also be at Bain. Because his name remained on an SEC filing as in charge of a fund, Democrats have tried to claim that he really was still there. The Bain partners all agree that he left in 1999, including the Obama supporters. Democrats are desperate to destroy Mitt’s Bain Capital experience, because that expertise is what he brings to the country. They believe that if they say something loudly enough and long enough, people will believe it. Romney built an enormously successful business that meant thousands of jobs across America, and wealth for all. He fixed the Olympics, and made it successful both financially and publicly.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Read the article. I’m not talking about post-1999 but pre-1999. Point is, with Romney or not, Bain has made a lot of money milking the system, particularly local and state investment incentives.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

State and Local interests do offer incentives to locate in their state or locality. When choosing among several places to locate, they should ignore that, and turn down an tax incentive? Get real. And don’t believe everything you find on Google.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

When choosing among several places to locate, they should ignore that, and turn down an tax incentive?

I’m sure that the shareholders would say, no they shouldn’t. But do you really know the half of it? These kinds of investment incentives generally go to the bigger companies — the ones who can afford to hire site location consultants and play off one location (which, unlike the companies, are stuck where they are) against another. The whole system has gotten WAY out of hand. See:

The point is, while I don’t like Obama trying to claim that companies are necessarily dependent on government, I find it galling to see people hold up companies like Bain as examples of the opposite when they, too, have benefited from all manner of government goodies.

How about the Republican Party getting the Fortune 500 together to pledge that they will henceforth refuse corporate welfare?


Comment by Subsidy Eye

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