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An Inexplicable Act In Colorado by The Elephant's Child
July 20, 2012, 6:32 pm
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There is horrible news about the shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie complex showing a midnight premiere of the new Batman movie. Speculation is rampant. We know nothing except the name of the shooter, yet everyone is ready to attribute his actions to personal madness, the decline of religion, legality of gun ownership, violent movies, bullying, violent video games, the Occupy Wall Street’s faction Occupy Black Bloc, and most bizarre of all — the Tea Party.

We do not know, and will not know for some time what happened and why. Speculation is not only useless, but damaging. Over at Powerline, Paul Mirengoff wonders when we began attempting “to tie mass murder by random sickos to politics.” They are occasionally political acts, so perhaps it was the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Fort Hood shooting of military personnel by a Muslim extremist was a political act.  But murder, he points out, does not become political just because the murderer belongs to a political party or movement, or a particular religious group.

Brian Ross of ABC said, on air, that he’d found the name of a James Holmes on the list of Tea Party attendees. Of course there was no reason to assume that a Tea Party member would be a violent shooter, unless one regards the coiled rattlesnake on the Gadsden flag as particularly disturbing. That James Holmes has had to disconnect his telephone because he was receiving so many death threats. There are apparently around 5 James Holmes in the area.

Mayor “Nanny” Bloomberg, of course, chimed in, knowing nothing about the situation that Romney and Obama should ban guns.He’s quite compulsive about telling other people what to do. Embarrassing.

For the people of Aurora,  I can’t imagine how one learns to cope with such an inexplicable act. Our thoughts are with you.

The Dependency Agenda by The Elephant's Child

President Obama, says Carney, “Has a Lot on His Plate” by The Elephant's Child

Remember when Obama said he had a “laser-like focus” on jobs? It was the first thing he thought about after waking up, and the last thing he thought about at night. That was then, this is now, and now he’s busy campaigning— more campaign events than any president ever.

By government estimate, 13.2 million Americans are unemployed. According to Investors’ IBD/TIPP poll, the real number is closer to 30 million. Obama even created a “jobs council”  to come up with ideas and results. But the jobs council hasn’t met in six months. Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney said  he has “a lot on his plate.” The last time the group met was January 17.  The president has had time for 106 campaign fund-raisers and  enough golf to raise the number of rounds he’s played to an even 100.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in an interview with host Larry Kudlow, blamed Europe for America’s economic slowdown. Geithner suggested that as money from the stimulus ran out, this resulted in an economic slowdown. “The actions we took, the president took and Congress authorized, on the fiscal side, were absolutely essential and they were enormously powerful. As they started to fade, growth started to slow.”

Kudlow responded: “Which is what the criticism is: These temporary efforts don’t work.”

We can’t reduce spending, because Obama believes that all good things happen through government spending. His claims of spending reductions are largely more myth than reality, because he simply doesn’t believe in it.

We can’t reduce regulation because Obama doesn’t believe in that either. He thinks Americans need a lot more regulation. The only example he could come up with in cutting back, was the regulation on dairy farm milk spills being classified as oil spills, because of the fat in the cream.

We can’t reduce uncertainty because ObamaCare, which is the source of so much uncertainty and is such a devastatingly bad law, was upheld by the Supreme Court, and awaits more Constitutional challenge or repeal.  Obama wants to raise taxes on “the rich” because it suits his class warfare theme and calls attention to the rather obvious fact that Mitt Romney is wealthy. And Obama wants to blame the Republicans in Congress for intransigence in refusing to raise taxes and thus improve revenue.

Unfortunately, raising taxes on those with incomes over $250,000 hits those very growing businesses that do most of the hiring. And those who have more than 50 employees are letting the excess go. That’s what government regulations do to screw things up.

Neither Obama nor the Democrats have any understanding of what their actions have done to the economy. They get their guidance from FDR, LBJ, and Bill Clinton, and of course, Paul Krugman. You will constantly hear Democrats saying that taxes on the rich were way higher under Clinton and the economy was fine. The internet bubble does not register on their conscience.

Well, we’re back in a recession, and one party simply does not grasp what is happening. If you told them, they would deny it. The media is only interested in Bain Capital and Romney’s tax returns

There is so much potential waiting to burst out: the Keystone pipeline, the energy revolution that promises a new American century, the shale gas revolution is producing millionaires who are making their money supplying sand to drillers. Jobs are being created by steel plants making pipe for natural gas rigs. The fall of the IPCC should put an end to the regulatory excesses of the EPA.  Nanoparticles are promising a revolution in medicine. There is, as always, ferment and creativity and innovation going on under the radar. But those obsessed with government as the source of all good things — power — are uninterested, unaware, and unconcerned.

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