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Representative Mike Kelly Tells It Like It Is! by The Elephant's Child

Mike Kelly(R-PA), 3rd District, gave a barnburner speech on the House floor today to a standing ovation from house members. (The Republican ones)

The House passed legislation on July 26 that would bar agencies from making any significant changes to regulations before the economy improves.

The Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act (H.R. 4078)— dubbed a “red-tape” prohibition—passed by a vote of 245 to 172.

The legislation would stop all new significant federal regulations until the national unemployment rate falls to 6 percent or below. The unemployment rate has been higher than 8 percent for 41 consecutive months. The one bill is a combination of seven bills that would either halt regulations or otherwise revamp the regulatory process.

House members approved an amendment that would expand the term “significant regulatory action” from the current threshold of a $100 million or greater cost to the economy to $50 million.

As the legislation goes to the Senate, the Obama administration has already said it opposes the bill. Officials have even threatened a veto if it came to the White House in the version the House passed. In the administration’s view, the bill would add layers of procedural burdens that interfere with the ability of agencies to carry out their statutory mandates. Translation: Private business needs lots of regulation to be sure that they act as wise Washington bureaucrats think they should.  Regulation is good. Who knows what they might do if they are not properly regulated?

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It would be very interesting if somebody could do a detailed study of who are the demandeurs for regulations. My guess is that a substantial proportion (like standards adopted by the private International Office for Standardization in Geneva) are actually pushed by big, established corporations, to favor their way of doing things. Standards and regulations are a great, legal barrier to entry.

Another big chunk, I suspect, come from Congressional representatives themselves, responding to demands from consumer groups or labor.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Depends on the regulation. These are the big ones. They don’t count until the effect or cost of the regulation reaches $100 million.
Regulations, expensive ones, are streaming out of the EPA, DOE, HHS (ObamaCare alone has hundreds) and the new Consumer Protection Hogwash Bureau, under the illegal direction of Richard Cordray, has a gush of new ones. Barely started, that agency is now up to 900 employees assigned to protect consumers from their own stupidity. Excessive regulation is the aim of this administration, like all collectivists.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Heh, We could use a LOCAL board to grant waivers to silly regulations that have no real affect, like that 1/4 inch regulation. Every town should have a judge that does just that, and perhaps only that. Ok, Ok, it is a Silly suggestion but not as silly as the regulation on Mirror heights.


Comment by Ron Hull

I was thinking last night that we should have a federal agency dedicated to disposing of pointless, useless, or misguided regulations. If their stated goal was to eliminate regulations, and their only success would be the extent to which they succeeded, perhaps…. Theoretically most local jurisdictions wouldn’t have enough to sort through, though I don’t know about large, old cities. Every once in a while some enterprising journalist goes poking around through old laws that are no longer enforced for the humor, but the laws remain in the books. The real problem is political correctness, a lack of common sense, not wanting to look bad or stand out, and I don’t know how the hell you fix that!


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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