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Please! Stop Embarrassing Us! by The Elephant's Child

Mitt Romney was just in Israel, and in a speech said he was happy to be in the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem. This is notable because Jay Carney, hapless press secretary, twisted himself into knots recently to avoid admitting that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. A witless representative of the State Department actually said that it was to be determined by negotiation. Just stop it. You are embarrassing us.

Israel is a sovereign state. Jerusalem is not only its historic capital, Israel says that Jerusalem is its capital.  They are the only ones who get to decide. It’s their country.

The United States does not get to decide what is the capital of Israel. Jay Carney does not get to decide. President Barack Obama does not get to decide. Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton does not get to decide, and the witless State Department woman does not get to decide. And stateless Palestinians don’t get to decide. If they can stop shooting rockets and trying to kill people, they might someday get their own state.

Washington DC is the capital of the United States. If the Congress of the United States should decide, with the approval of the people, that we should move the capital to Plato, Missouri (which is the population center of the country) — then that would be the capital — but for the present, it remains in Washington DC, where Congress decided to put it, back in July, 1790.

It’s all really very simple.  Can we stop being stupid.

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I like the idea of moving the U.S. capital to Plato, Missouri — close to the tornado belt — and then to some neighboring town as the population distribution changes. This would require that all government offices be mobile, and we all know that mobile homes are tornado magnets.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Ah, blow them all away! And a very good riddance. I keep reminding myself that we are all human with ordinary human failings, and politicians, consumed with the desire to get reelected, because after all these are very cushy jobs with lovely benefits, and they get to be IMPORTANT!!!So their ordinary human failings are inclined to get a little or a lot out of whack. There are no answers except an informed citizenry, and we’re not very well informed.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

A correction: It’s actually JAY Carney, Hapless Press Secretary (to be played by James Spader in the movie, where the character of Jay Carney will actually be able to answer questions, and have a personality).

Tim Carney works for the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund (gotta pay for those zombies somehow!)


Comment by Lon Mead

Thanks. Brain freeze. I try to think about Jay Carney as little as possible.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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