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Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech: RNC 2012. by The Elephant's Child

Mitt Romney is not really a politician.  He’s a family man, a man of deep faith, a superb manager, and a deeply experienced businessman. But he’s not a typical politician. No false promises.  If he promises something, he believes he can make it happen. And he means it.  If the Republican Convention sent a message, it was not a belligerent Obama-attacking message — but a message of quiet competence.

America is in dire straits which are daily growing deeper. Nearly 88 million Americans are no longer in the labor force. 23 million Americans are unemployed.  Fifty states have a cumulative debt of about $4.2 trillion. California alone has a debt of $6.7 billion and growing with every mile of high speed rail. It’s an awful mess, but Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan see a way out, though there isn’t much time, and they believe that they can do it because they have studied the problems and they’re good at math — very good.  They know how to start the engine of free-market capitalism going again.  Are you better off now than you were four  years ago?

Quiet competence.  We can do this.

Senator Marco Rubio: Introducing Mitt Romney by The Elephant's Child

Marco is a wonderful speaker and will increasingly be a force to be reckoned with in the Senate. And yes, yes, our hopes and prayers are with the people of Cuba, whose imprisonment must come to an end. Communism just doesn’t work.Why can’t they grasp that simple fact?

Clint Eastwood, Actor, Director, Republican, Raconteur. by The Elephant's Child

Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair has puzzled many observers. After he made that commercial about Detroit, many liberals assumed that he had rejoined them, and they’re furious. May I remind you— Clint Eastwood is a skilled actor, skilled director, and he knows just how he looks and exactly what he is doing. Long pauses, slightly bumbling and then he drops an exploding line to be remembered. And they are d-e-v-a-s-t-a-t-i-n-g-!

Not everybody liked it, but it was an amazing performance.

Olympians: From the Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2002 by The Elephant's Child

A large group of Olympians from Team USA, 2002 spoke about their experience in the Winter Olympics. It was not long after 9/11 and the nation was still reeling from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.The Salt Lake Olympics were a shambles of scandal, mismanagement and financial failure that threatened to cancel the games and damage the Olympic Games program itself.The athletes thought all their years of training might go to waste, but Mitt Romney pulled it together, corralled hundreds of smiling young LDS volunteers who made every attendee feel welcome.

Mitt made it all work and gave the athletes their chance to compete. Remember the “Miracle on Ice”when the  new kids on the block defeated the Russian team. Couldn’t find a video of the whole Team USA medal winners, but Derek Parra, a 5’4” Mexican American kid from Southern California talked a bit about his background and how unlikely it was that he should become a champion speed skater. He called Mitt Romney a “Facilitator of Dreams.”

Parra set world records, and won the gold in the 1500 meters and silver in the 5000 meters.  He went on to become the coach for the U.S. Olympic speed skating team for the 2010 Olympics.

David’s Story: A Story From the Heart. by The Elephant's Child
August 31, 2012, 7:23 pm
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Please don’t miss this short story from Pat and Ted Oparowiski about their son David, who they lost to Hodgkin’s Disease when he was just 14. They are telling the story because of their love for Mitt Romney and for the part he played in David’s life. A very revealing story.

So Who Is This Mitt Romney? by The Elephant's Child

That seemed to be the usual complaint. The guy is a businessman, and he was Governor of Massachusetts for just one term, he rescued the Olympics, but that was out in some Western state, and who pays any attention to the Winter Olympics anyway.  He seems kind of cold, he’s really rich, can’t connect.  That was the litany. So Mitt had to warm up, explain to the people just who he is and why he’s running for president, and try to connect to people.

Accomplished, in spades.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: Keynote Speech by The Elephant's Child

Chris Christie is a contemporary phenomenon. Many have become familiar with the Governor of New Jersey through his plain speaking but very  direct confrontations with the teachers’ unions in New Jersey. More seriously, he was a Republican governor in a very Democratic state that was in deep budgetary trouble. If anyone needs evidence that the Progressive Project simply does not work, they have only to contrast the states with Republican governors and the states with Democratic governors. Virginia v. Maryland, Texas v. California.

Chris Christie’s speech is not a “red meat” attack on the Obama administration, but a speech about ideas. Big Ideas from a big man. Excellent.

The Republican National Convention’s Tribute to Ronald Reagan by The Elephant's Child

Paul Ryan’s Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech by The Elephant's Child

Young, brilliant, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, math whiz.  A very impressive speech from a very important young man. He obviously has the Left in panic mode. The fact-checkers found fault, but it was, unfortunately, their own. They made fools of themselves. This one’s a half hour speech, so you may need to save it for later. Excellent speech, don’t miss it.

Condoleeza Rice: A Very Special Speech. by The Elephant's Child

Former Secretary of State, Former National Security Adviser, Stanford Professor, Hoover Institute Fellow, Concert Pianist. She has some important things to say.

Susana Martinez: Governor of New Mexico, Rising Star. by The Elephant's Child

I’m posting clips from the Republican Convention in the assumption that many may have missed it. The networks were only broadcasting an hour each night, People are busy. Many of these people gave excellent speeches worth your time.

Something’s Rotten in Denmark—U.S. Foreign Affairs by The Elephant's Child

An oldie that’s been around, but a worthwhile reminder that people notice your carelessness.

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