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Romney’s Triumphal Tour by The Elephant's Child

Mitt Romney has just returned from a triumphal tour from England to Israel, to Poland and home. The leftist media has tried to portray it as gaffe-filled, but the press has not often so exposed their bias. In England, NBC’s Brian Williams asked Mitt Romney—as someone who really understood the problems involved in putting an Olympics together — how he thought the British Olympics were stacking up. Mitt said that the reports that they had not been able to find enough security personnel was ‘disconcerting.’

This was what the British press had been reporting, but it was regarded as an insult and a terrible gaffe. The Economist hauled out a quote from Romney’s book in which he described England as a small island, with small houses and small roads… OMG. Another gaffe. Turns out Mitt was talking about the England of the late 16th and early 17th centuries and went on to  describe how with the most powerful Navy in the world they came to dominate the earth and build the far-flung British Empire. So Britain was just one great error on the part of Romney.

Mr. Romney was warmly welcomed in Israel. He and Bibi Netanyahu are old friends, but his speech was warm, thoughtful,  and well received.  He spoke passionately about the special relationship between the U.S and Israel. He supported Israel’s right to defend itself against the threat of a nuclear attack from Iran, and said that Iran must be kept from the capability of deploying a nuclear weapon. He noted that Israelis are more prosperous than Palestinians which he attributed to a culture of freedom. The Palestinians were furious that someone should mention the obvious, and called it racism. Israelis’ seven Nobel Prizes in science weren’t mentioned, nor their high-tech industries.

In Poland, Governor Romney delivered a barnburner of a speech, the full text is available here. He said:

“Free men and women everywhere, whether they have been here or not, already know this about Poland: In some desperate hours of the last century, your people were the witnesses to hope, led onward by strength of heart and faith in God. Not only by force of arms, but by the power of truth, in villages and parishes across this land, you shamed the oppressor and gave light to the darkness….

“And here, in 1979, a son of Poland, Pope John Paul the Second, spoke words that would bring down an empire and bring freedom to millions who lived in bondage. ‘Be not afraid’—those words changed the world.”


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