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Romney & Ryan: Restoration and Renewal. by The Elephant's Child

Free Markets, Free People, Free Country. by The Elephant's Child

Paul Ryan is not only a budget expert, he thoroughly grasps the big picture, and is fully capable of talking about it and explaining it. Here’s an excerpt from his speech to CPAC earlier this year.

There are those who say modern society is too complicated for the average man or woman to deal with. This is a long-standing argument, but we heard it more frequently after the mortgage credit collapse and financial meltdown in 2008. They say we need more experts and technocrats making more of our economic decisions for us. And they argue for less “political interference” with the enlightened bureaucrats … by which they mean less objection by the people to the overregulation of society.

If we choose to have a federal government that tries to solve every problem, then as long as society keeps growing more complex, government must keep on growing right along with it. The rule of law by the people must be reduced and the arbitrary discretion of experts expanded. . .

If the average American can’t handle complexity in his or her own life, and only government experts can … then government must direct the average American about how to live his or her life. Freedom becomes a diminishing good.
But there’s a major flaw in this “progressive’” argument, and it’s this. It assumes there must be someone or some few who do have all the knowledge and information. We just have to find, train, and hire them to run the government’s agencies.

Friedrich Hayek called this collectivism’s “fatal conceit.” The idea that a few bureaucrats know what’s best for all of society, or possess more information about human wants and needs than millions of free individuals interacting in a free market is both false and arrogant. It has guided collectivists for two centuries down the road to serfdom — and the road is littered with their wrecked utopias. The plan always fails!

Yes! It’s Romney & Ryan, Capable and Consequential. by The Elephant's Child

It’s a formidable ticket. There is probably not a better pair to address the enormous problems we face. These are two serious adults, who want to have an adult conversation with America about how to return to the free and prosperous country we know that we can be — once again.

As Iowahawk said: “Paul Ryan represents Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: math.”

The Democrats have already had Paul Ryan throwing Granny off the cliff. It will be an increasingly nasty campaign. Obama is a fierce competitor, and answers to no boundaries of taste or truth. I am still reeling from the president’s promise to do unto the entire country what he did for General Motors. Mitt Romney has a deep knowledge of American business, what business needs to release their energy and restrained power to restore the economy. Paul Ryan has a deep knowledge of federal budgets and what is possible and what is not. We will be in good hands.

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