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Optics: Things Just Don’t Look So Good Anymore. by The Elephant's Child

Optics“is the word the liberal media has redefined to mean’ the way things look’. It used to be defined as of or pertaining to the eye or vision, or the scientific study of light and vision. I have no idea who came up with the new definition, but the progressive parrots were suddenly squawking  optics, optics, optics because the way things look is — very important. Appearances trump reality. And manipulating appearances is an important technique in advertising, movies, political campaigns and Photoshop.

And truly, how things appear is more often more important than what is real or what is accurate. Appearances matter.  Why do you think during the last campaign the Obama logo was on everything including the podiums from which he spoke? And why were there plastic Greek columns for his acceptance speech? The carefully manipulated appearances of the campaign fell apart with Obama’s foreign trips when he made the mistake of bowing and apologizing around the world. The Obama team has a peculiar view what most of us consider American exceptionalism.

Americans don’t consider their country “exceptional” in a jingoistic sense, a ‘my team’s better than your team’ idea. America is exceptional because it is a nation founded on an idea of individual liberty. As the country began with courageous individuals willing to venture into an unknown wilderness in search of freedom, so it continued as Americans pushed on across the mountains.”When ordinary people moved into an extraordinary land they often enough overcame the challenges they met there, but the real point of the story is not what happened to the land, but what happened to the people. They were changed, transformed, reborn.  The ordeal in the wilderness created the American, we believe, free-thinking, open, tough, optimistic, self-reliant.” as the late historian Robert Athearn once described us, and I think he was right.

That American is not going to go for transforming 9/11 into a “day of service” to paint kitchens and hang curtains.The optics were all wrong. Liberals considered 9/11 to be a Republican day — too jingoistic. But Americans have not forgotten the planes slashing into the twin towers and the collapsing hopes and dreams.

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a plastic “reset button” to President Medvedev of Russia, the optics were really wrong.  Cute, but entirely unserious. Secretary Clinton has flown more miles than any secretary of anything, and clearly worked hard, and accomplished little if anything. In South Africa a few days ago, she was perhaps being a good sport and dirty dancing with a popular local singer, but entirely undignified as a representative of the United States of America. It said, loudly, we are not a serious country. Check out the photos at Google.

Yesterday morning, there were pictures of huge crowds of illegals waiting to sign on to the president’s amnesty plan and get work permits and resident status. This may have looked inspiring to the Mexican-American community who favored the Dream Act that Congress refused to pass, but it looked quite different to all our unemployed young people, and new college graduates with no jobs and no hope, and now a new million competitors for jobs. Really bad optics.

Tough problems out there; high unemployment hurts so many people, businesses are suffering. Trying to reduce the campaign to matters of Seamus the dog, Ann Romney’s horse, Mitt Romney’s last 20 years of tax returns, his jet ski are avoidance techniques. It clearly says that the president does not want to talk about serious things. You can tell if you see him on the campaign trail. This is not the hope and change guy with the halos anymore  You know that those halos weren’t accidental. But giving the present angry president a halo now just wouldn’t look right.  Optics.

And Now For Something Completely Different! by The Elephant's Child

We really don’t want to do politics all the time, it just seems so compelling. So let’s do War instead. A little different kind of war that you can do with stop-action.  Silly, but fun.


Lies, Hate & Scaremongering: aka The Obama Campaign by American Elephant

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