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Clint Eastwood, Actor, Director, Republican, Raconteur. by The Elephant's Child

Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair has puzzled many observers. After he made that commercial about Detroit, many liberals assumed that he had rejoined them, and they’re furious. May I remind you— Clint Eastwood is a skilled actor, skilled director, and he knows just how he looks and exactly what he is doing. Long pauses, slightly bumbling and then he drops an exploding line to be remembered. And they are d-e-v-a-s-t-a-t-i-n-g-!

Not everybody liked it, but it was an amazing performance.

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My favorite part – Did you notice what’s sitting in front of the empty chair representing Obama?


Comment by Lon Mead

I did. Loved it.I thought the whole convention was great, though I must admit I skipped most of the early hour stuff each day. Rather than a convention attacking the Obama administration, it was one pointing out the sheer competence of Republicans at all levels of government, ready to restore the engine of the free market, create jobs, and get people back to work. What did you think?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I thought the whole thing was quite good. I recorded the speeches I couldn’t watch, so I saw them all. Some people I know say there wasn’t enough “red meat”, But that’s not everyone’s style. And a lot of Democrat parlor tricks got exposed; race, gender, “likeability” (whatever that is).

So next week we go into the DNC. Watch for the Dems to respond to a lot of the speeches at the RNC. Enjoy the spectacle of Obama at Voldemort (The Stadium That Must Not Be Named)-BoA Stadium (the DNC is actually referring to it as Panther Stadium, and asked the owners to cover the BoA sign and logo out front… the owners said they would, if the DNC pays for it. Still waiting for the check, apparently). Watch the Georgia delegation – the Georgia Democrat Party gave tickets to the DNC away at Manuel’s Tavern in Virginia Highlands (DeKalb County, east of Atlanta). Watch the parade of speakers chosen by the party that chose the slogan “FORWARD”: Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Tim Kaine, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis…

Missing from the list is Bev Perdue, Governor of North Carolina.

It seems the “party of Ideas” can only come up with the same tired collection with the same tired talking points, while the “Stupid Party” is the one with all the new ideas, and all the young, motivated types.

I thik it’s going to be an interesting 2 months for the Republicans, and an agonizing 2 moths for the Dems.
And on November 7th, I am quite confident we will all be sending congratulations to President-Elect Romney.


Comment by Lon Mead

Oh, I hope so. Did you see the picture of Obama with the teleprompter (not a Photoshop) where his head would be? Quite special.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Still think this was not the best choice to start off primetime..


Comment by consideragain

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