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The Alternate Reality of the Democratic Convention: by The Elephant's Child

The Democratic convention is — strange. The national debt has reached $16 trillion, and nobody mentions it. They are unwillingly forced to put God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, back into the platform from which it was excluded, and the conventioneers — Boo!

The head of NARAL argued that being allowed to have free abortions on demand is the high point of the American dream. A woman whose only claim to fame is demanding that taxpayers pay for free birth control pills at a fake Congressional appearance, becomes a featured speaker, to announce that Paul Ryan would have women die on the slab in the emergency room. A Democratic congresswoman from Colorado, Diana DeGette, said Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “want to make women second-class citizens again.” A nun, Sister Simone Campbell, described the Ryan budget as “immoral.” Conventioneers were abundantly pro-choice, but outside of abortion, not so much:

Julian Castro, the “charismatic” mayor of San Antonio, mocked the “magical” free markets that gave America 25 years of a soaring economy, and unmatched prosperity. Three speakers were billed as “former employees of companies controlled by Bain Capital.” Unfortunately they didn’t learn anything from Joe Soptic and the fake Republican women, and  David Foster, supposedly one of those former employees — never worked for a company controlled by Bain Capital. He worked for United Steelworkers as a union organizer.

There were all sorts of interesting claims, for example, that the auto bailout was paid back. That the president had created 4.5 million new jobs (5.1 million have been lost). The real net gain is only about 300,000 over the entire Obama administration. That the Romney-Ryan  Medicare plan would cost seniors $6,400 a year and force them into “voucher programs.” Debbie Wasserman Schulz claimed that Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador had said that Republican plans would be damaging to Israel, and angrily denied that she said any such thing, although she had unfortunately been recorded saying just that. There’s a choice, Democrats said,  between unity and growth — and they opt for unity, and the heck with growth.

But they do care about the debt, it’s just that they’re fairly clueless.

What are the poor convention attendees to think when business is demonized, Wall Street is supposed to have caused the financial crisis, and the best remedies for unemployment are said to be more unemployment benefits and more food stamps.  It’s that old mistaken Keynesian idea that there is a recession because of a lack of demand, and food stamps and unemployment benefits are spent quickly and flow out into the economy where they have a “multiplier effect” that somehow does magical something-or-other which turns a dollar into a dollar and a half. It makes it really hard to get the economy growing again when people think like that.

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