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How Can This Election Be Close? by The Elephant's Child

We have never in all of our history had a president who has failed so spectacularly, yet there are those who want to give him another four years. How is this possible? I would expect a divided country, for there is a committed left, and a large number of them live in my state. Obama got at least a small bounce from the three raucous nights of the Democratic convention in which:

In his renomination acceptance speech here on Thursday night, he told us that America’s problems were tougher to solve than he had originally thought.

And that’s why he has kindly agreed to give us more time.

Because, after all, it’s our fault.

“So you see, the election four years ago wasn’t about me,” President Obama explained. “It was about you. My fellow citizens, you were the change.”

We were the change!

Um, that’s Maureen Dowd.  The New York Time’s Maureen Dowd? Is the Liberal media beginning to question the litany?

POLITICO’s John Harris and Jonathan Martin charge Obama with failing to present a coherent policy platform, failing to use his pulpit in creative ways, and failing to reintroduce JFK-level power and glamour to the White House.

The New York Times’ Jodi Kantor writes that Obama has “turned out to be a voraciously competitive perfectionist” whose “quest for excellence can bleed into cockiness,” and adds that “he tends to overestimate his capabilities.”

“Just a few months before the election, Obama is suffering from an engagement gap,” The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim and Sam Stein write. “Obama is no longer regarded by the majority of voters as a constructive reformer.”

I think it’s a kind of pity. Obama was so perfect with the dazzling smile, the mellow baritone voice — the first black president. He’s tried so hard, but things were just so bad, the Republicans were so intransigent. Probably wasn’t anyone that could have done anything under the circumstances, maybe if we give him another four years, it will get better? We can’t just desert him now after he has tried so hard.

How can this be? The national debt is over $16 trillion and higher than the Gross Domestic Product, and Obama cannot stop spending, and destroying jobs. Over twenty-three million Americans are unemployed, or have stopped looking for work. And it is not getting better, it is getting worse.  Manufacturing is declining, not growing.  368,000 workers dropped out of the labor force in August.

On Friday, the White House said it will miss the legal deadline for delivering a report to Congress on the spending cuts from  sequestration that are scheduled to take effect in 2012. The Office of Management and Budget has repeatedly failed to make legal deadlines. Oh well, deadlines…

GM may or may not survive. Obama raised their union costs, rather than cutting them, and they’re not making cars that anyone wants, the Volt costs more to sell than it does to make them, and even at that, no one wants any, but Joe Biden called it a great success. If anything remains of GM, Obama’s new fuel economy requirements will put paid to that.

Hilda Solis, the embarrassing Labor Secretary asked us to believe that “our recovery remains on a stable trajectory of positive job growth. Smart and steady wins the race.” There is no stable trajectory, it is getting steadily worse. We gained about 95,000 jobs in August, but lost 368,000 workers who dropped out of the labor force.  Can no one do basic subtraction?


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So, when people tell me that government isn’t like business, then certain concepts of business (pesky little things like deadlines, a coherent plan, competent leadership) should be forgiven? Or should it be more properly looked at as Obama and the Democrats not having the slightest idea how to do things and get positive results?


Comment by Lon Mead

Exactly. And slashing military spending because, well, just because you don’t understand the military much and think more talks would would be nice.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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