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Obama’s Libya Story Collapses: The Attack Was Planned. by The Elephant's Child

The map above is as of September 13 — 4 days ago, so add Afghanistan and Pakistan, State has issued a travel warning for Lebanon. (Click to enlarge)

Let me be clear: (familiar phrase?) The protests were not about the video. The protests were planned in advance, our government was told that unrest was coming. 9/11 is a major day of observance for radical Islam, for it marks their most successful attack on — us. For eleven years they have been demonstrating that they like to demonstrate on important dates.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice made the rounds of the Sunday shows explaining that the attacks in Egypt and Benghazi were simply spontaneous uprisings caused by a disgusting, repugnant video that offended the sensitive Muslims. The President of Libya, Mohamed Magariaf told NBC Friday that Libyans and “foreigners” carried out the attack on the U.S. Consulate that killed our ambassador and three other Americans. He said that foreigners were involved in the planning and execution of the attack, and that Libyan authorities have suspects  in custody.

The State Department is not answering questions about Benghazi, and the situation is described as chaos in the agency. Marines are stationed in embassies to protect their classified materials, not to secure the embassy walls. The killing of Ambassador Stevens was a premeditated hit, planned and carried out as a retaliation for the recent drone strike that killed the number two al Qaeda operative in Afghanistan. The other protests were covering theater.

The claim that the filmmaker was taken into custody because of a possible probation violation, doesn’t even pass the smell test. He may or may not have violated probation, but he was taken into custody because his video embarrassed the president. Now that the federal government has outed him by name, by his location, by his religion,  and by his neighborhood will they be supplying him with protective custody? The FBI helped supply a Seattle artist with a new name and new location after she tried to suggest an “everybody draw Mohammed” day. Surely they can do more for the gentleman whom they outed in direct violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The lapdog media is trying to portray Egypt and Libya as two different entities, and the protests around the Muslim world as just a coincidence, but the facts on the ground lay waste to administrations claims.

President Transparency is not prepared to talk straight to the American people, for he believes he can get away with it as usual, because he has a gift and the American people aren’t very bright, or something like that. His attempt to get YouTube to drop the video didn’t work. And the facts usually emerge. Works better to be honest in the first place.

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