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The Very Creepy Cult of Personality by The Elephant's Child

The Obama Campaign in 2008 depended heavily on a cult of personality. One wouldn’t think that the techniques of personality as imposed on the desperate citizens of North Korea would ever be attempted in the United States of America.

They have not given up on the technique. The Obama campaign is now offering a print of Obama’s O-Logo flag for just $35.00.

Doug Ray pointed out some similarities to present events. He tweeted:

Weird… BO’s O-Logo US flag bears a resemblance 2 the blood stained walls of US embassy (post terrorist attack)

Over at Human Events, David Harsanyi has assembled a


It’s an excellent collection, quite representative, but there is lots more available if you look. It is indeed creepy. Perhaps it is inevitable in a time of celebrity-worship such as today. Man-in-the-street interviews clearly show that more people can answer questions about their favorite celebrity than can identify their senator or the vice president.

When we elect a president, we are hiring a manager for the executive branch of the government. Back when the Revolution was won, and George Washington was unanimously elected to be the first President of the new United States of America, many thought he should be a king, that he should be called “your highness.” A President was something quite new, and Mr. Washington wisely rejected all aspects of royalty, and trappings of the very class-conscious excess of hereditary divine right of kings.  Pity that Barack Obama never learned much history, nor understood that restraint breeds respect. There’s a reason why Ronald Reagan never took off his jacket in the Oval Office.

I posted this quote from Jonah Goldberg recently. It’s not supposed to be about falling in love.

The people are the boss, the government is the servant. The Constitution is the government’s job description, the Declaration of Independence is its mission statement.  Campaigns are the job interview, elections are the hiring and firing process.

ADDENDUM: Texas governor Rick Perry has a gentle comment to add>

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