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Just a “Natural” Reaction To a ‘Disgusting’ YouTube Video That Nobody Saw. by The Elephant's Child

Univision is a Spanish language channel. When President Obama was interviewed, campaigning for the Hispanic vote, his interviewers actually asked hard questions — unlike the mainstream media arm of the Obama campaign.  The White House has declared the War on Terror over, so it cannot be a terrorist attack. I wonder how his audience reacted to this steaming pile of self-serving blather. Embarrassing.

If you want straight talk, there are few people better to turn to than Ambassador John Bolton.”It is critical to [the Obama administration’s] worldview that the War on Terror is over.  There are no more terrorists.

Liz Cheney was interviewed at Newsmax TV:

“You’ve got Islamic extremism on the rise across North Africa. You’ve got al-Qaida resurgent in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula – and you talk to people in the Arab world and they’ll say, ‘America’s made itself irrelevant.’

“President Romney would not have made America irrelevant. He understands how important it is that we lead from a position of strength, which is something that President Obama has not done, has not attempted to do.

The president would like the American people to believe that the killing of Osama bin Laden sort of put an end to the threat that we face and, although we need to give him credit for ordering that operation –any American president would have ordered it – what we’ve seen is al-Qaida that is resurgent.

“When you look at what happens when America retreats, when you look of the pictures of a TV screen – and then you remember that when the president appeared in the Rose Garden 24 hours after our embassy was attacked, our flag was torn down, it was burned, the al-Qaida flag was hung in its place and the president said nothing about it. He didn’t comment at all. And today, you’re seeing the attacks on the embassy in Pakistan.

“This president sent a very clear message to radicals across the region that you can attack an American embassy and you won’t be condemned by Barack Obama.”

You must wonder why a 14 minute YouTube video that few were aware of caused a murderous attack in Benghazi, but Obama’s months of crowing about how he killed bin Laden had no effect at all. Wonder if they’ll still release the movie right before the election? Might seem unwise if the Muslim world is so enraged by a short video.


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