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What Do Doctors Think of ObamaCare? by The Elephant's Child
September 30, 2012, 11:16 pm
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Dr, Jill Vecchio, speaking to an Americans for Prosperity rally

From a new report by the Physicians Foundation:

— 52% of physicians have already limited the access of Medicare patients to their practices or are planning to do so.

— 26% have already closed their practices to Medicaid patients.

— More than 50% of physicians will cut back on patients seen, will switch to part-time, switch to concierge medicine, or retire within the next four years.

— 62% believe Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are either unlikely to increase healthcare quality and decrease costs.

— 59% say PPACA has made them less positive about the future of healthcare in America.

— 57.9% would not recommend medicine as a career to their children or other young people.

— Over one-third of physicians would not choose medicine if they had their careers to do over.

— 77% percent are somewhat pessimistic or very pessimistic about the future of the medical profession.

ADDENDUM: Did anyone think that ObamaCare was going to save us money? Aside from the 158 new departments, bureaus, agencies and offices?  The Tax Foundation has estimated that compliance with ObamaCare is estimated at eight million man-hours.  It will keep 40,000 workers busy doing paperwork and sorting through a confusing pile of government regulations. And Obama claims that regulation is not a problem— just that Republicans are trying to de-regulate Wall Street so they can do it all over again. (No explanation of what he thinks “it” is.)

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Maybe the doctors should get the AMA to quit “rent seeking”. The AMA has, through federal laws, limited the number of residency seats to 100,000 per year thereby limiting the number of medical students that can become doctors. This has reduced the supply, driven up their salaries and caused a shortage of doctors. But then again you will not find this article in either the lame stream media or the indoctrination media of the right.

So what are the top three drivers of health care costs?


Comment by Mark Baird

The residency programs to train new doctors are largely paid for by the federal government, and the number of students accepted into such programs have been capped at the same level for 15 years. Medical schools are holding back on expansion because the number of applicants already exceeds the available positions. Financing more slots requires Congress to come up with more money when the budget is already a huge problem. Adding private3 financing means taking new sources of cash, like health insurers. Importing doctors from abroad is very controversial, and training a new doctor is long term work, as many as 10 years. It’s not the AMA. The top three drivers of health care costs are the federal government, the federal government, and yes, the federal government. You’ve got a lot of ill-informed people making regulations that have consequences that are not understood. Actually the costs of health care had been declining for around ten years before ObamaCare due to new diagnostic tools, new methods (our hospital is doing robotic surgery), and new drugs like the statins that help prevent heart attacks.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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