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The Facts, The Facts: Can We Get Our Facts Straight? by The Elephant's Child
October 5, 2012, 5:45 pm
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Yesterday, David Axlerod, Obama’s campaign guru, was out early on a conference call with the compliant left-leaning media, asking them to help the Obama campaign to overcome the disastrous debate.

“What the president hoped to avoid was a situation where you had two politicians standing there insulting each other instead of offering ideas for the future of the country, but you know, you have to strike a balance,” Axelrod said in a conference call with reporters. “You can’t allow someone to stand there and basically manhandle the truth about their own record and ideas and about yours and not deal with that. I’m sure that is a takeaway from this debate.”

“This was the first chance for the president to see how Gov. Romney operates in these debates first hand,” he said. “You have to make some adjustments to the fact that, you know, he is kind of a serial…artful dodger. That makes it a more challenging kind of event.”

Wow. You just go direct to the media and ask them to help out? That must be that bias they keep denying that they have.

I think Obama has two major movies running in his head. One is The Story of Obama, as told by Obama. The other movie is What I Want the Public to Hear, which is more “what can I get away with saying” than anything factual. Obama clearly doesn’t care whether his statements are true, he only cares if he can make people believe it.

He makes his case for reelection based on claims that are just not true, but he thinks he can get away with them. • Bush tax cuts and deregulation caused the recession. Once the Bush tax cuts took effect in 2003, they generated more than 8 million new jobs over the next four years and GDP growth averaging close to 3%.

I stopped a second Great Depression. The economy had pretty much hit bottom by the time Obama was inaugurated, and the recession had officially ended by June 2009, Economists Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi said President Bush’s TARP program and actions by the Federal Reserve were “substantially more effective” than anything Obama had done.

My policies are working. The economy has grown slightly, but other indicators have gone backward. Median household incomes have dropped $3,000, there are 659,000 more long-term unemployed than there were in June 2009, and the share of people working has dropped to levels not seen in 30 years.

A slow recovery was inevitable. Historically, deeper recessions have been followed by faster recoveries. Obama has presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression — which isn’t anything to brag about. The Great Depression was far longer than it needed to be, because of FDR’s misguided efforts. The most notable thing about Obama’s recovery is how frequently it has “unexpectedly” underperformed economist’s projections. Well, you win some, you lose some. It helps if you have some expertise in the private sector, or at least respect for those who create an economy.

(click to enlarge)
Good example: Obama is out on the campaign trail trumpeting the new jobs rate, which declined to 7.8 percent from the previous 8.1 percent. Sounds good, until you recognize that we only created a measly 114,000 jobs in September, but so many people dropped out of the labor force that if the same numbers of people were actually participating in the labor force when Obama took office, the rate would be 10.7 percent.

We are adding fewer jobs on average per month than we did last year. Way too many new jobs are low-pay part-time work.  • Net new full-time jobs: 114,000.      • Net 456,000 people who left the labor force. • Net 600,000 people added to part-time workers. The media is helping by celebrating the meaningless jobs number as if it were the second coming.

We can do better. We can do lots better.

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