American Elephants

A Glimpse of Sheer Beauty. by The Elephant's Child

This is a Hildebrandt’s Starling, unfortunately found  in Tanzania and Kenya. I have no visitors to my bird feeders that can compare. It’s natural habitat is open woodland and thornbrush country.  It’s about 7.1 inches long, and it’s iridescence is derived from the interference of reflected light from the feather structures rather than from pigments, as are the common starlings we have here. who are also iridescent but not particularly colorful. Its song is a long slow “ch-rak ch-rak chee-chee-wee chee-wee rak rak rak.”  (My spell-checker didn’t like that bit at all!) It’s nice to know there are such beautiful birds, even if I’ll see them only in pictures.


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