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Here’s Why They Don’t Want The Military Votes To Be Counted. by The Elephant's Child

There seems to be a concerted effort to keep military votes from being counted or even received, as I wrote last Friday. Military voters are more inclined to lean to the right, probably because Republicans are more supportive of the military. The left seems to neglect to send out military ballots on time, and refuse to allow extra time for service members overseas to get their ballots in.

Now Military Times has done a poll that demonstrates why the left is not anxious to count military votes. The poll was a secure email survey of active-duty, National Guard and reserve members who are subscribers to the Military Times newspapers. This population is older and more senior than the military population at large, but it is representative of the professional core of the all-volunteer force.

The 3,100 respondents — roughly two-thirds active-duty and one-third reserve component members — are about 80 percent white and 91 percent male. Forty percent are in paygrades E-5 through E-8 while more than 35 percent are in paygrades O-3 through O-5.

Almost 80 percent of respondents have a college degree — including 27 percent with a graduate degree and more than 11 percent with a post-graduate degree — while an additional 18.5 percent have some college.

And they are battle-hardened: almost 29 percent have spent more than two cumulative years deployed since 9/11 while a similar percentage has spent one to two cumulative years deployed.  The Military Times poll shows that Republicans continue to enjoy overwhelming support among the military’s professional ranks.

The poll indicates that about 66 percent of those surveyed support Romney, compared with about 26 percent who say they will vote to reelect President Obama. The economy, not military issues, tops their concerns.

The whole article is here, including a graph that explains the votes, which is too small — perhaps because I went to the eye doctor today, and my eyes are still dilated. In any case, click on the ‘expand to page size’ button, and you’ll be able to read it.

I find it appalling that anyone would work to see that military votes, particularly from those deployed abroad, are not counted. We owe them a lot, and seeing that their votes are counted is just the most basic of ethics, and common decency.

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