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We Are Not In The Midst of a Huge Recovery! by The Elephant's Child

Since Barack Obama became president, ten times as many people have been added to the numbers of folks who are no longer in the labor force, who have given up hope, quit looking. Michelle Obama said today that we are “in the midst of a huge recovery.” But people are leaving the labor force faster than they are entering it. This stark chart from the Senate Budget Committee highlights what is really going on in this dreadful economy. Those who have dropped out of the labor force, are no longer counted as unemployed, even though they might still want a job and are available for work.

(click to enlarge)

Some “huge recovery.” Mrs. Obama claims we are adding jobs every month, but as the chart above shows, for every person added to the labor force, ten drop out. That is not progress.

And the president keeps making it harder for businesses to keep going. Markwayne Mullin, who is running for Congress in eastern Oklahoma, explained the impact of federal regulation on his family plumbing business, Right now, he spends more than 40 cents of every dollar his company takes in on complying with regulations. Not taxes, just what he spends on regulation. That is shocking.

The Small Business Administration recently revealed that federal regulations cost America’s small businesses $1.7 trillion each year. And that’s before most of ObamaCare takes effect. Altogether, Mullin says, there are 4,000 new regulations in the pipeline. And people wonder why some companies ship jobs overseas. Over and over we are blithely told by the EPA and other agencies that they don’t have to account for the effect of their regulations on employment. The House has passed several common-sense bills to address excessive regulations that impose unnecessary costs and increase unemployment, but they die in the Democrat-run Senate.

We will not have a recovery until we have someone in charge who understands what is holding back businesses ability to hire.


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