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If I Weren’t a Political Junkie, I Would Have Turned It Off. by The Elephant's Child

Whew. I hope this is the last of these “Town Hall” debates forever. Poor questions, poor moderator. We were not there to listen to Candy Crowley. It is a weak format. I thought Obama was angry, rude, called Romney a liar— in only slightly more polite words— at every opportunity, and told a barrel of whoppers.  He said to each question, this is my policy, and this is Romney’s policy — usually mischaracterized. He seemed petulant, snippy, and  how dare you challenge me. And the same old lines he’s been using for four years.

It was an odd, unattractive performance for the president. He seemed somewhat desperate, though more aggressive. Should not have gotten into the math question. He has no credibility, deservedly so. We’re importing less oil because we are producing more oil and gas under the Obama presidency? How about we’re importing less oil because the economy is in the tank and everybody is doing less business. Here we are with the holiday season about to begin and FedEx is laying off people — that’s not a growing economy.

The thrust of the debate was what is Romney’s agenda, as described by Obama and as explained by Mr. Romney.  Obama certainly didn’t want to talk about his agenda, which seems to be entirely about getting “the rich” to pay “their fair share.” But he actually told us in his opening statement that he was going to do more solar and wind and biofuels and electric cars — we apparently do not learn from experience. We’ll just keep investing more money in more alternate energy projects in the hopes that one will actually work instead of going bankrupt. We’ll just do more of the same and the economy will recover sooner or later.

Mitt Romney seemed presidential, in command of facts and figures, steady, articulate, and addressed the person who asked the question directly. He came across as caring, and angry that the economy has been allowed to get so far out of whack. He missed a number of opportunities, but overall did fine. He was far more likable than Mr. Obama.

He usually says he can help the economy to create jobs because he knows how, because he has experience in creating successful businesses, and that is a fact. I wish he would explain the burdens that the administration has piled on small businesses, so that people understood better that he really can improve the economy, because he really does know how.

Obama’s view of Gov. Romney seems to be derived entirely from Democrat attack ads, and he has no idea of who his real opponent is. David Axlerod told Obama early on that he was unaccustomed to criticism and attack, and he’d have to learn to deal with it. He hasn’t. He really hasn’t honestly evaluated his own tenure and what worked and what didn’t.  The next four years? More of the same — and it didn’t work the first time.


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I would guess that, according to Obama & Co., it was once again that “other” Romney that showed up, not the real one that the Democrats have been talking about in their ads!


Comment by Lon Mead

I think Obama believes that the real Romney IS the one in their ads. He’s just pretending not to be. It’s all another lie,you see.All verrry strange.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Obama’s favorite part was after debate when he dived into the crowd, grinning, shaking hands and playing Mr. Cool —his favorite role. Romney appeared to be having more serious after-debate conversations with people. He’s not a back slapper and far more respectful. Or should I say “far more Presidential”?


Comment by nmjune

I think you’re absolutely right. Several knowledgeable people have said that Obama doesn’t like being president, and doesn’t really like people. What he likes is the applause and the adulation. Romney is very rich, unusually successful with a bucketload of accomplishments — he doesn’t need the grief of being president (and we can tell how hard it is from the way presidents age in office) and he surely knows what to expect. He wants to be president because he knows how to get the economy back on its feet, and believes it is his duty.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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