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Jefferson County,Colorado Democrats awarded 66 year-old Estelle Carson the 2012 award for “Democrat of the Year,” for her volunteer work for the Democrat party. Seemed like a good idea but advocates for the developmentally disabled were outraged.

It seems that Carson had been convicted the previous week for stealing checks and money from a 71-year-old developmentally disabled, partially blind, wheelchair bound woman.  A Jefferson County jury had convicted her of felony charges for identity theft and theft from an at-risk adult. Se stole checks from the woman top pay her cellphone, internet and cable bills.  The victim is on a fixed income of $596 per month. Authorities say Carson befriended the woman and then took control of her checkbook, stealing at least two checks.

Although the party learned of her conviction, they went ahead three days later and named Carson  “Democrat of the Year” on January 8, saying the criminal investigation and the award needed to be compartmentalized. The advocates for the disabled called it “appalling” and “outrageous”, and pointed out that Carson had already confessed to the crime. At that point, the Democrats withdrew the award.

Fox News: Benghazi, New Revelations by The Elephant's Child

Here’s the complete Fox News coverage to date of the Benghazi scandal as it is known so far. Lots to learn yet, but people are angry, especially the nation’s military families and veterans who now know that their government may not “have their backs.” Political expedience trumps all.

Take the time when you can to watch the whole thing. We need to be well-informed on this scandal, for in a cover-up there always are designated fall guys and attempts to shift blame. This can’t ever happen again.

The New Normal by The Elephant's Child

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