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The Ancient Chinese Curse is “May You Live in Interesting Times.”” by The Elephant's Child

Most political junkies like me, and a good percentage of the blogosphere, have spent the last two days surfing the web trying to understand what happened, and why. Not a fortuitous endeavor. Everybody’s a little hysterical, analysis leaves a lot to be desired and prognostication is all over the place. And a large percentage of the commentary is just plain nuts.

Herman Cain is demanding a third party, some Democrat is saying the 2016 election will be between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, and many are just insisting that the country is lost, and America is no longer the land of the free. Everybody who wanted someone other than Romney in the primaries is sure if only their candidate had gotten the nomination, all would be different. The problem, say others, is the missing white voters. Their absence is variously attributed to vote fraud, voter suppression, disinterest, and their not being counted yet.

Michael Medved — who is such a political junkie, he reads political statistics instead of thrillers, like the rest of us do — said today that voter suppression is a direct result of negative advertising. Too much negativity directed at a candidate means that voters get sick of it all and just stay home. There was certainly a lot of negative advertising from the Obama campaign.

Mitt Romney was guilty of outsourcing, being a corporate raider, a murderer, too rich to care about anyone but other rich people, guilty of destroying companies for his own benefit, being mean to his dog, guilty of having a “dancing horse” that only extraordinarily rich people could afford, putting an elevator for a car in his California house, and being a flip-flopper on every issue, as well as a liar, and shipping jobs overseas. Really.

Beyond that, it was all Bush’s fault. Apparently after Obama invested 4 years and millions of dollars in blaming George W. Bush for the financial crisis, most people actually believe the financial crisis was Bush’s fault. [hint: after the election in 2008, but before the inauguration George W. Bush had to draft a check for the auto industry. GM had only days of cash left. That was TARP. George Bush bailed out the auto industry, and the recession officially ended in June of 2009] Whatever came after June 2009 goes on Obama’s record.

There’s a lot for complainers to complain about. But there are twinkles of light in the gloom. A 51-48 % victory is not a mandate, particularly when Obama avoided telling anyone what his second term plan of action is. Whether he admits it or not, he knows that he won that small victory on the basis of negative advertising. The huge, immense, really difficult problem is the economy, which he has made a mess of. Barack Obama does not understand economics and refuses to listen to those who do. If he makes a mess of it this time, he can’t blame anyone else, and his failure will expose his record for all to see, as well as make clear who and what the Democrats stand for.

Starting January 1, Americans face a $494 billion tax increase, the highest ever in a single year. The average American household will see its taxes go up by $3,800 in 2013. The extra income from the payroll tax holiday will go away, the child tax credit will be halved to $500, and the threshold for deduction for medical expenses will rise to 10%. All these wonderful ideas will cost the economy over 2 million jobs and increase unemployment, and we will probably face a new recession.

Benghazi is not going away, and Fast and Furious is not going away, nor is all the wasteful spending on useless “clean energy.” Second terms are always worse than the first.

Opponents around the world have taken the measure of Obama and know more about his limits. Naive in his first term about foreign policy, he was sure that being the ‘”not-Bush” was sufficient to make him popular around the world. Wrong. Hillary is leaving, Eric Holder is probably leaving. Susan Rice has lost any legitimacy, and a lot of others will probably want to avoid a second term disaster. We are going to live in interesting times. Very interesting indeed.

Is Chris Matthews a Racist? by The Elephant's Child

Chris Matthews has managed to make news in the last few days, by being grateful for Hurricane Sandy because it would help Obama’s election chances. He did apologize partly, by insisting that he wasn’t talking about all the damage, just about the opportunity it gave to Obama to appear presidential. That improves anything?

Mr. Matthews is a prime exemplar of one who has slipped over from politics as the search for good government, to politics as religion, or politics as a belief system. We also found him on Tuesday night during MSNBC’s election coverage, predicting that President Obama would lose the South because of Mitt Romney’s racially charged campaign, and he wasn’t sure that Virginia was Southern enough to swing Romney’s way:

I’ve watched the appeals made by people on the Republican side –- the right-wing side, in some cases -– people like, sort of, screwball people making comments about race. I really think you’re going to see at the end of the night, when we look at the popular vote, when we look at how it’s broken out by region, the president will do well in the Northeast, the Midwest and the West. He’s going to do very poorly in the South among white voters.

According to Matthews, white voters in the South aren’t voting against Obama because of the bad job he has done over the last four years, but because they, like all Republicans — are racists.

May I say that I’m getting a little tired of this. If a racist is defined as someone who is obsessed by race, then Chris Matthews is the biggest racist around. Democrats have such a dreadful history with race, that they have a lot to overcome, and thus have considered race to be the greatest problem in the country. Mr. Matthews apparently believes that race is the sole reason to vote for Barack Obama to be  president and the only reason he should be reelected.

I believe that Barack Obama has been an extremely bad president, and that he didn’t deserve to be reelected because of his record of spending, his failures with the economy, his excessive regulation, his record on foreign policy, his record on ObamaCare, his record on energy, and his record on promoting useless “alternative energy.  As far as I can determine, his race has had nothing to do with any of these policies. To the contrary, his policies have been far more harmful to blacks and Hispanics than to anyone else.

The end point of racism is not minority dominance, it is not reparations.  It is, and can be only indifference. That’s what Martin Luther King was talking about, except that he referred to “the content of their character.” Exactly. But to their race, the color of their skin, their ethnic heritage — indifference. Don’t care.

Because Democrats care so much about race, they gerrymander voting districts to be sure that black candidates have majority-black districts. Why is that necessary? It was a whole bunch of white people that elected Barack Obama in the first place.

In the South of the slavery days, white women wore bonnets, long sleeves and gloves in 100° weather, and carried parasols to protect themselves from the sun and keep their skin white and unfreckled. Today, they toast in the sun, go to tanning salons, and buy tons of tanning cremes to darken their skin. When is the last time you heard someone get a compliment on their beautiful white skin?

“Hispanic” is not a race, nor is “Latina”, both terms refer to the use of the Spanish language, except for Brazilians who speak Portuguese. People from the Caribbean islands may be black, but speak French. Far more African slaves were transported to the Sugar Islands than to America, and far more went to South America.

“Asian” is not a race either. There are lots of countries of vastly different ethnicities that compose the Asian designation that have nothing in common with each other, and in many cases detest each other.

I am troubled each year by the political division of people into voting blocks. An enormous amount of trouble flows from those divisions, much of it from the media. We will all continue to notice obvious physical racial designations, but I have quit filling out government forms asking me to designate my race. I’m apparently not alone, as there is now a blank for “refuses to designate.”

I find it fascinating that Democrats are so deeply involved in issues of race, but refuse to recognize that our most essential rights are derived from the simple fact that we are human beings endowed with the only rights that can be guaranteed, by our Creator.


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