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A Few Words From Mark Steyn That I Liked: by The Elephant's Child

The one identity we’re not encouraged to trumpet is the one that enables us to trumpet all the others; our identity as citizens of a very particular kind of society, built on the rule of law, property rights, freedom of expression and the universal franchise.


The framework that the Founding Fathers devised to unite a baker’s dozen of small homogeneous colonies on the Atlantic coast roved strong enough to expand across a continent and halfway round the glove to Hawaii.  That’s why the British have successfully exported Westminster constitutions to Belize, Papua New Guinea, and India, the world’s largest democracy, mainly Hindu but with a minority population of 150 million Muslims (that’s some minority) who to their credit have no interest in the fetid swamp of militant Islamism in which so many of their co-religionists elsewhere are festering.  Of the world’s fifty most free nations, half were once ruled by Britain.  That’s the sort of thing most countries would boast about, not teach in schools as a shameful legacy of oppression.

“Unlearning Liberty” by The Elephant's Child

Greg Lukianoff, president of FIRE, on Unlearning Liberty, talks about the problem of campus censorship, speech  codes that limit free speech, and the failure to understand the First Amendment. FIRE does a wonderful job for kids who run afoul of speech codes and the nonsensical idea that no matter what, you must not offend anyone.

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