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“Unlearning Liberty” by The Elephant's Child

Greg Lukianoff, president of FIRE, on Unlearning Liberty, talks about the problem of campus censorship, speech  codes that limit free speech, and the failure to understand the First Amendment. FIRE does a wonderful job for kids who run afoul of speech codes and the nonsensical idea that no matter what, you must not offend anyone.


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This is also what is happening at political rallies. Eight years ago, a couple of Republicans who did not like George Bush showed up at a rally to hear him near where my parents live. During Bush’s speech, they took off their outer (flannel) shirts, revealing T-shirts that simply showed the word “Bush” with a red circle around it and a diagonal line across his name — i.e., “No Bush”. They were asked to leave and they refused, on the grounds that they were very passively expressing their right to free speech. (They weren’t heckling Bush.) They were subsequently arrested.


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