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What The Hell Is This “Fiscal Cliff?” by The Elephant's Child


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What this series of interviews (like all he does, non-scientific, but fun), confirms is that most Americans are neither strongly Republican nor strongly Democrat, but more fiscally conservative than the Democratic Party and more socially liberal than the the Republican Base.

Interesting op-ed in the Lexington column of this week’s Economist magazine about some of the reflections going on in the Republican Party. I hope the story is true!


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Dumb article, but I don’t think much of the Economist. Republicans always trash their own. They can never agree on who is conservative and who is not conservative enough, in contrast to the Democrats who would not criticize the murderers in their party, but find some excuse. I was going to say ‘criminals” rather than ‘murderers’ but realized that of course they are overflowing with criminals. Officially, no Democrat ever does anything wrong, and any Republican who does is quickly removed from office.

Romney’s remark, made at a private fund-raiser, was unfortunate but taken out of context and capitalized on by Democrats. Romney was not criticizing those on welfare of one kind or another, just remarking that it was hard for those who didn’t pay any taxes to be particularly responsive to the aim of cutting tax rates. The campaign shold have been able to dispose of that quickly and failed.

You are correct that these interviews are just for fun. Most Americans are unaware of the very serious differences between the two parties, and have no idea what the parties stand for. They don’t pay much attention to politics until it’s time to vote, and many decide how they will vote in the voting booth. Republicans are mean, and Democrats “care about me.” What utter nonsense.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Dumb? What’s specifically wrong with it? Did you read to the end? Comes to pretty similar conclusions as the recent column by David Brooks, “The Republican Glasnost”:

Honey attracts more easily than vinegar. Seems to me that Republicans should be trying harder to be attractive to voters than wasting their energy on attacking stereotyped “Democrats”, especially when it is never clear whether they mean certain members of the Democratic Party or people who tend to (but not always) vote for candidates. The polity is not as black and white (in a figurative sense) as they are often characterized.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

. “Never loved by the rank-and- file”— says who? Democrat propaganda. 2.” The ‘trashing’ of Mr, Romney should be welcomed because it shows signs of reflection” no it doesn’t. Republicans always trash their losing candidates, past presidents, etc. Any observer should be aware of that. Republicans trashed McCain, Palin, Bush, and all the candidates for the nomination as well. Unfortunately, it’s what Republicans do. 3. Republicans are always seen as the party of the rich, because that is the Dems favorite charge, pot and kettle ignored. 4. The 47% remark was not crass, insulting, or other than a casual observation about the usefulness of the theme of not raising taxes, until Democrats got hold of it and made a big deal of it.

Republicans were upset that a remark made in private was so readily translated into something noxious by Democrat propaganda. Poverty will always be with us as long as poverty is defined as the bottom 20% of the income pile. Republicans have always been about social mobility, and all Republicans know it and support it.

Republicans are justifiably angry that even the exit polls showed that the public thought Romney and Ryan were far more qualified and capable of addressing the budget crisis, but they thought Barack Obama “cared about them”— and no president has ever cared less. Obama isn’t even interested in the public. Romney, on the other hand is perhaps the most caring man ever to run. Democrats did a true agit-prop job on low-information voters. There was no keen observation in the article, the author got most of it wrong, and I have found that to be the usual case with The Economist. I subscribed for a year and quit.
David Brooks lost all credibility when he went all gaga over Obama.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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