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Can We Make Private Matters Private Once Again? by The Elephant's Child


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists announced their support last month for selling oral contraceptives over-the-counter without a prescription, in the United States. If approved by the federal government, this would take contraception out of politics, and put it back where it belongs, as a private matter.

The “War on Women” was always a complete lie. Republicans should never have allowed Democrats to demagogue the contraceptive issue and pretend that because Republicans rejected the idea that contraceptives should be a “free” health insurance benefit that therefore added a huge cost for taxpayers, that Republicans somehow opposed contraception.  Democrats are always on the lookout for anything they can translate into a bumper sticker, and that was an easy grab.

Women can now buy the morning-after pill over the counter without a prescription, but oral contraceptives require a prescription. If contraceptives are completely safe, then government should remove themselves from the issue. It is a private matter. The idea that Republicans opposed the use of contraception was a useful charge for Democrat propaganda, they may not want to give it up as an issue so easily. We’ll see.

I wonder how many low-information voters fell for the sleazy “Vote like your lady parts depend on it,” ploy?

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