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But He Really Cares, Didn’t You See the Pictures? by The Elephant's Child


“Donna Vanzant struggled through flooded streets and downed power lines two days after superstorm Sandy to reach the ravaged marina she owns in Brigantine.

Secret Service agents were combing the area when she finally arrived, and by the time the afternoon was over, she had met President Obama and shared an emotional hug with him.

The following morning, the image of that embrace …appeared on the front page of The Record and was published and broadcast by news outlets around the world.”

Good shot for the Obama image. He cares. Both this image and the video were prominently posted on the White House website, but all the promises of immediate help? Didn’t happen. Vanzant said she was honored to meet the president, but looking back on the visit, it was just a big waste of time.

Her son took a two-week leave from the Navy to help out, and neighbors and friends have been wonderful, but the insurance company has been unresponsive, as has FEMA. There has been no help from the government.

Vanzant estimates her losses at around $500,000. Boats were thrown up as far as three blocks away. FEMA’s reputation has not improved, it’s still deplorable.

According to the book The Amateur by Edward Klein, which is a straight reporter’s book based on hundreds of interviews, this is somewhat of a pattern with Mr. Obama. He uses people when it is convenient, and tosses them under the proverbial bus, when the need has passed. There’s something about continuing to use the photos as evidence of his caring for ordinary people, making extravagant promises and not following through at all that speaks of character. Just a typical politician.

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