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Enthusiasm For The Second Term Is Not Strong. by The Elephant's Child


Another Cabinet Secretary is departing. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced her resignation today. President Obama thanked her, expressed his reluctance to see her go, and described her as a particularly valuable member of his economic team.

Yesterday, I watched a video in which she praised the extension of unemployment benefits — because more unemployment benefits helped to create jobs.  ?  There’s a lot of strange and weird magic going on in the president’s economic team’s deliberations. Add an entitlement— create a job?

Republicans always worry about extending unemployment benefits, because statistics show that people are more apt to go out and find, or create, a job for themselves, when the unemployment benefits run out and doing something becomes a necessity. This is not a lack of compassion on the part of Conservatives, but simply a recognition of human nature. I’ve known any number of people who, upon losing their job and receiving unemployment benefits, promptly went on an extended vacation, figuring that they’d look for a job — later.

Democrats are fixated on Keynesian economics, and not even Lord Keynes’ real ideas, which he later recognized didn’t work. The idea that if you just inject money into society in any old place, that it will increase demand and thus get the economy working again has never worked. It didn’t work for FDR, and hasn’t worked for anyone else, but they still — believe.

ADDENDUM: The media reports I hear on the radio about Ms. Solis’s departure always begin with “The Highest-Ranking Hispanic” in the Obama Administration.  Could the media possibly give up on “diversity” and racial division? It isn’t race that matters, it is accomplishments or lack of accomplishments, and the content of their character.


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