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Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence Starts Right Out Encouraging Growth. by The Elephant's Child

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

The only real solution for solving our long term debt problem is turning around the stagnant economy. Robust economic growth is possible and not only creates jobs, but brings more people into the middle class, reduces poverty, and reduces our entitlement burden. “Asking the wealthy to pay a little bit more” will never accomplish that. Everything the administration proposes: more taxes, more regulations, more top-down bureaucracy, bigger government may increase government control of the people, but it acts like a brake on the economy, on people’s hopes and dreams.

Indiana’s brand new Republican Governor Mike Pence, was just inaugurated on Monday, but has made his first move to ease the regulatory burden. He issued an executive order suspending Indiana’s rulemaking process shortly after he was sworn in. The measure is designed to lower the cost of doing business in the state, and encourage hiring. Indiana’s 8.2% unemployment rate is currently higher than the national average.

“Over several decades the proliferation of administrative rules and regulations at all levels of government has increased the complexity and expense of economic life,” the order says. “Reducing this regulatory burden will promote citizens’ freedom to engage in individual, family and business pursuits.”

The order directs state agencies to halt rulemaking activity indefinitely, but also requires the state’s budget office to evaluate existing rules and issue recommendations for which regulations should be repealed, starting with the most onerous.

President Obama may not know who to create jobs or jump-start economic activity, but a significant number of Republican Governors do, and they are doing something about it.


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