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Feinstein Tries To Ban 150 Types of Guns; Public Rushes to Buy Them! by The Elephant's Child


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Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced a bill to ban more than 150 types of weapons; they are calling it the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013,”so of course members of the public are rushing to gun dealers to purchase weapons. Investors suggests a better name for the bill would be “Second Amendment Violation of the Century.”

Included in the exhaustive list are all types of AR-15s. It was, as everyone knows, an AR-15 that was used in the Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO shootings.  The AR-15 is a scary-looking semi-automatic hunting rifle that is no different than a more conventional rifle except that it has some military-looking cosmetic styling.

The number of homicides caused by rifles is falling. Only 323 Americans were killed by rifles in 2011. The number of homicides caused by knives, blunt instruments and the human body itself is Nine Times as many. AR-15s have been used to save lives several times since the Sandy Hook shooting. There is nothing in Feinstein’s bill that would have prevented the tragedy of Sandy Hook or Aurora. .(click to enlarge)


Some have suggested that Sen. Feinstein is simply trying to improve her’ legacy.’ She tried an Assault Weapons ban once before, and it was a colossal failure, changing nothing, nothing at all. It isn’t the guns fault, nor is it the bullets fault. Limiting magazines suggests that one would just need carry more magazines, for it only takes seconds to change one. She is, of course, attempting to play on public emotion, and all who are infected with the “do-something disease.” Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech gunman used two sidearms, a .22 caliber Walther P22 and a 9mm Glock to kill 32 of his fellow classmates. Neither of these weapons are on Feinstein’s list.

Real Assault weapons are already illegal.

The popularity of the AR-15 has exploded in recent decades. The AR-15 has become mainstream among shooters. Millions of Americans are using ARs for hunting, target shooting, competition, and home defense. It is light and easy to use. And most Americans have no plans for mass shootings, now or ever.

Obama proclaimed “If it saves the life of just one child” — the worst kind of pompous pandering. Obama’s campaign organization, now “Organizing for Action” a 501(c) 4 lobbying group, fired off emails immediately following the inaugural speech demanding calls made to Congress to ban guns, which produced no interest at all.

Michael Ramirez explained accurately the instruments used in violent assaults. Pay attention to the numbers. It is a different picture than the gun-grabbers would have you believe.

ADDENDUM: Do take the time to watch this video from the Australians, recounting their Government’s gun ban. Their results:Armed Robberies up 69%. Assaults with Guns up 28%. Gun Murders up 19%. Home Invasions up 21%. People cannot defend themselves or their homes, the police cannot protect them.


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