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Obama Bullies America’s Charities to Support His War on the Wealthy. by The Elephant's Child


The Government Accountability Institute analysis of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) figures has found that audits of tax-exempt charities have increased by 79 percent under the Obama administration. GAI President Peter Schweizer has found that from 2001-2008  the IRS has audited an average of 6.205 tax-exempt organization a year.  From 2009-2011, the average number of returns audited jumped to 11,111. They suddenly got more dishonest?

GAI said the increase in audits is not explained by a greater number of returns being filed. In fact, for the years examined, the IRS received a lower average rate of returns  under Obama (819,417) than under President George Bush (847,898). We’re all in favor of charities being honest about what they do with our contributions, but why the increase?

These findings come closely after a controversial White House gathering last month with the heads of charitable organizations, in which the Obama administration allegedly engaged in “bullying” and “intimidation “ tactics to scare charities into supporting Obama’s tax hikes on the wealthy or face the prospect of losing their tax-exempt status.

The president’s first term taught businesses a clear lesson: CEOs and businesses that support the president and his policies will be rewarded with taxpayer-funded corporate-welfare, and favorable regulation, and those who oppose him will receive no benefits, and no favorable treatment. Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT), and Representative Dave Camp (R-MI) condemned the incident in a joint statement:

What the White House did today is disturbingly reminiscent of how it conducted itself during congressional consideration of Obamacare–telling groups that they better back the White House, or else. Bullying isn’t leading. These kind of intimidation tactics are unacceptable, and they need to stop now.

California Republican Party Chairman Thomas G. Del Beccaro  says that it is part of a war on charity designed to squelch the work charitable organizations provide because they detract from Obama’s big government agenda.

Obama truly is a big government liberal. He believes that government should be at the center of our lives. He believes government knows better and should set the rules for helping others. Look no farther than Obamacare to gauge his philosophy on caring for people. Simply stated, Obama doesn’t value private charities interfering with his vision of a centralized government.

How interesting that Obama is taking on charities because they are tax exempt but I notice that he is not taking on other tax exempt organizations like the big environmental charities like Sierra Club, NRDC, Audubon Society, Greenpeace, WWF, and dozens on others, nor the Foundations that are also tax exempt and in many cases not doing anything even close to what their founders intended. So it isn’t about seeing if charities are being honest with their funds, but about something quite different. The environmental organizations have been big Obama supporters, and he does their bidding.

Obama had no leadership or managerial experience when he chose to run for the presidency. The media fell in unconditional love with him from the beginning and didn’t bother to vet him or explain the huge holes in his resume. It has been clear from the start that he has a different view of the presidency. Most have embarked on the office hesitantly, unsure if they could measure up and serve the country well. Obama seemed quite sure of his ideological mission and his plans to reverse everything that the hated George W. Bush had done, and” fundamentally transform the United States of America.”


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Obama’s “leadership” is the Hollywood caricature of leadership. It’s the leadership shown by Gordon Gekko of “Wall Street”, or J.R. Ewing of “Dallas”, or dozens of other movies and tv shows where the business and political leaders are all crooked and corrupt.

I honestly believe that’s where Obama learned how to be a “Leader”. He was president of the Harvard Law Review, sure, but he never perform any of the traditional functions of that position (there are no articles or editorials under his name). Hi forays into the private sector consisted of an internship at a company that published business directories (where he made no effort to try and get along with his co-workers, and he rebuffed all overtures at friendship by them), and a brief employment at a Chicago law firm where he met his wife (and made no other impression there… no seems to ever remember him doing anything that a clerk or legal assistant could have done). He played “community organizer”, which was pretty much agitating other people to go out and do things, but he never got actively involved. He supposedly headed the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago, but no one there remembers him at most of the meetings, and the majority of the decisions were made by someone else (in most cases, they were made by “…just a guy who lives in (his) neighborhood…” Bill Ayers. Obama never held any leadership positions in the Illinois legislature. He declined several committee opportunities in the U.S. Senate.

And now he’s the President. And he’s doing things the only way he knows how… by bullying, by lying about the opposition, by attacking. He doesn’t know how to persuade. Whenever he tries to push an idea in a positive manner, he falls flat (he gave over 100 speeches trying to pass the PPACA, and the popularity of it went down with every one. It now stands as the largest piece of legislation pass without majority popular support (53% of those surveyed were against it at the time of passage, and there’s still a majority against it now).).


Comment by Lon Mead

I agree completely. I am unrelentingly troubled by the policies and choices of this administration. I’m appalled by his nominees to the various departments. I don’t think Kerry is up to the job, and he’s probably the best of the lot. Obama has nominated Penny Pritzker for Commerce. Her qualifications seem to be that she is very rich, a bundler for Obama, and is raising money to buy him the house in Hawaii where they vacation for his post-presidential home. Commerce is the department charged with the security of the internet, among other things. Sigh.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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