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The Government of the United States of America Has Slipped its Moorings. by The Elephant's Child

Flags At Half Staff In Washington After Tucson Shooting

— Well here we Go! “Democrats Propose Department of Peacebuilding.” Why didn’t anyone think of this before.? The DOP would be an executive-level department “dedicated to peacebuilding, peacemaking and the study and promotion of conditions conducive to both domestic and international peace and a culture of peace.

Representative Lee explained the rationale for her bill in a press release last week: “We invest hundreds of billion each year in the Pentagon, in war colleges, military academies, and our national defense universities all to develop war tactics and strategies. Now we need that kind of investment in peace and nonviolence here at home.”

The Department of Peace would have its own Peace Academy modeled on the military academies, which would provide a four-year education in peace. The DOP would also be responsible for everything from ending bullying in schools to declaring “peace days” in America to “encourage citizens to observe and celebrate the blessings of peace.” DOPE!

—President Obama has repeatedly identified nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism as key dangers to the United States and its allies. His big idea, the center of his response, is declaring America’s commitment to eliminate its own nuclear weapons on the way to “nuclear zero.” This probably featured in his selection of Chuck Hagel, who also favors nuclear zero. In the meantime, the president has neglected to modernize the weapons that most consider essential to American security.

Reducing the American arsenal would be more apt to cause instability. Many  other nations depend on America’s nuclear security assurances. An American political leadership that prizes posturing over disarmament over the hard work of counter proliferation would encourage others to develop their own nuclear arsenal, and we’re off to the races.

—Ahhh. Our new Secretary of State, to no one’s surprise, has already declared that we are “not just” Americans, but “citizens of the world.” What did you expect? It’s John Kerry, in London.  And globalism comes before “protecting the country from catastrophic attack”. says our top general, General Martin Dempsey, who informed Coast Guard cadets that there are now four “national interests” guiding the military. And in that ranking “our contribution to the stability of the global economic system” comes before our armed forces’ duty “to protect the country from a catastrophic attack.”

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A Department of Peacebuilding? What a great idea! One small change I would suggest to Rep. Lee (D-Wackyland) would be a name change. How about calling it the Department of State, and put John Kerry in charge?

It is my long held belief that many people who currently hold office in DC do not have the slightest idea of what functions the various departments and Cabinet offices do. Thanks to Rep. Lee for confirming. My question remains is why do we continue to let people like this populate the government? I’m with those who think a simple test to keep the abjectly stupid away from the levers of power would be a pretty good idea. They used to give incoming members of the House an orientation as to how the government is set up and the responsibilities of each section (a sort refresher Civics lesson)… Maybe they should have ALL House members retake it from time to time.


Comment by Lon Mead

I know, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. These selections speak volumes about the character of Barack Obama. He really has no understanding of the office or his duties, does he? Dan Henninger had a great column last week in which he suggested that Republicans should have press secretaries for House and Senate. They are not available enough, and a really capable press secretary could help a lot.

Today, Henninger suggests we are building a new nation — Obamaian (as in Mayan calendar) “a pre-Copernican world in which everything in the universe revolves around the great fixed planet of public spending. In the Obamaiain universe, the life force is a fairly weird contraption known as the Keynesian Multiplier. As explained by its adherents, for every $1 of public spending the whole economy will rise by $1.50 or even $2.” It’s pretty good

.” Doesn’t matter, he says if it doesn’t work. As with geocentrism, the president’s pre-Copernican political economy is based in religious belief. This is why House Speaker John Boehner and so many others have never been able to get on the same page with the president about the upward slope of federal spending. He doesn’t want to cut spending. He wants more of it. Forever. Public spending is beyond ideology for Barack Obama. It’s the oxygen in his universe.” Do you see the Wall St. Journal? If not, I’ll send the article to you.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Oh, and as for Secretary Kerry’s predictable (and predictably moronic) drivel about being “citizens of the world”: does this mean I no longer need my U.S. passport when traveling abroad?


Comment by Lon Mead

our elected officials have LOST their minds and their way. God help us!


Comment by Paul Carelli (@ROCcityRainMan)

Change the Department of Defense back to its *original* name, and ENLARGE it to the “Department of War AND PEACE.” heh.


Comment by Ed Wallis

I’d kind of forgotten that it used to be the War Department. I’ve long said that one of the notable characteristics of Americans is that they are always sure that each war is really the last one, and consequently we disarm, and are never, never ready when the next one starts. One of the notable characteristics of liberals is that they don’t understand human nature, and assume it can be fixed.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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