American Elephants

Sequestration Clarification: by The Elephant's Child

I didn’t clarify a couple of sequestery  things. First of all: the “cuts” are reductions in the rate of increase coming up this year, not cuts in existing budgets.  Second: There is, I understand, a requirement in the law that requires a 30-day advance notice of layoffs. So all this bit about the horrors that begin with the strike of midnight when the sequester goes into effect is also hooey.

Republicans had pointed out that although the President was flying all over to give campaign speeches at $180,000 an hour, he was not and had not met with the Republicans to discuss the sequester. So yesterday he had a meeting with them. Seven minutes.  Just long enough for a photo-op, so he could prove he had a meeting.  A bit on the tacky side.


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