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The Ongoing Drama of Government Bureaucracy by The Elephant's Child

— Aside from the computer, it has been a strange day.  Cesar Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela, has died of cancer. He has pauperized the people, been an oppressive thug, and destroyed the nation economically. So we are sending a delegation to the funeral.

— California is an economic basket case, has a huge problem with mass exodus of her people, is building a high-speed railroad to nowhere that costs billions that they cannot afford, and now, to demonstrate their ‘niceness,’ they have passed  a new Dream Act, the controversial program to regularize those illegals who were brought here as children and know no other home.

Breaking the law by entering the country illegally is— illegal. Calling someone “illegal” is racist. I think the preferred term is “undocumented” which is absurd. Now more than 20,000 college-bound students are seeking state financial aid — Cal Grants— for the first time. This comes at a time when there are no jobs for college graduates and the default rate for student loans is becoming a threatening bubble, for American citizens.

We  have tried “amnesty” and it simply brought a new flood of illegal immigrants under the assumption the if they come, we will soon offer “amnesty” again. Democrats want more poor Hispanic immigrants made legal, for they believe they will be Democrat voters since they will be dependent on government welfare. Democrats claim that Republicans have racist animus toward Hispanics. Republicans like Hispanics fine. They just want them to obey the law.

— The President hosted dinner for about ten Republicans at a hotel near the White House last night, a notable event considering his refusal to meet with Republicans or to even discuss with them matters of missing budgets. He did meet with Congressional Republicans just before the sequester for precisely 7 minutes.

Has he decided that he will suddenly be bipartisan? Has he decided that you catch more flies with honey? He is even meeting with Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. Perhaps Congressman Ryan can convince him that he should turn in his budget proposal that is so badly overdue. The Republicans gave the president the increase in taxes on the rich that he demanded, in January, in the fiscal cliff negotiations — because they could not do anything else. They did, however, make the Bush tax cuts for everyone else permanent, which was a very big deal.

The long-running drama in Washington D.C. is becoming more fascinating than any soap opera. Is there the slightest glimmer of hope off in the distance? Or are we doomed to a second recession and financial collapse? I have no confidence in the administration and then new players promise to be worse than the last bunch. Stay tuned.

Computer Problems. by The Elephant's Child
March 7, 2013, 8:31 pm
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This has been a day poorly spent.  I’ve been battling computer problems all day, and as soon as I think I’ve fixed one thing, I discover that some other needed icon or toolbar has disappeared. I’ve been having multiple crashes every day, and it’s become really bad. but never mind. That’s one thing I’m sure you don’t want to hear about. Just offering an explanation for my absence..

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