American Elephants

Why We Love Our Cats, Illustrated. by The Elephant's Child

Some are cat people, and this charming video explains why we love our cats so much. Some are dog people and have no understanding of affection for cats at all, and vice-versa, of course. And some of us are cat and dog people, and as far as that goes, horse and bunny as well. I briefly had a pet chicken, but that wasn’t too satisfactory and he ended up as dinner.

We once, against my better judgment, had a rat. Nice spotted one from the rent-a-pet facility at the children’s museum. This was oldest son’s idea, and the rat seemed to be a nice fellow though I can’t get over my problem with rat’s tails. This was before we had a cat, I should add. Anyway, we were transferred, put the house up for sale, and had an interested couple looking at the house with hopes for a quick sale. Which were dashed as the rat dashed out from behind the washing machine. Son had let him out to play. Sigh. Never saw that couple again, though the rat was returned to the children’s museum, and we did eventually sell the house.  We are now more deeply informed about the process of selling a home.


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I’m not completely adverse to cats, it’s just there aren’t a lot of good ones. Dogs are another story; most of them are good.


Comment by Travis Lindsay (@Travis_Lindsay)

I grew up with Saint Bernards, who are wonderful if you have plenty of room for them to run. Big dogs are short-lived. I had Shelties (very smart), but my heart belongs to Labs.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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