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Just Dump It. It’s Not Worth Saving. by The Elephant's Child

Obama’s Sequester strategy is slowly crumbling. The White House dreamed up the sequester idea to force Republicans to fall in line. They thought that big cuts to Defense would force Republicans to cave. Progressives are not in politics to tinker with the existing system; they are in politics to achieve “social justice” and transform the way Americans live. Through government programs they will make everyone equal and take care of everyone in need. They can’t be having Republicans cut back on the funding they need to achieve their goals.

Republicans did not cave, so Obama had to enumerate all the layoffs and furloughs and children who wouldn’t get their vaccinations, park restrooms locked, and White House tours cancelled. Schoolchildren whose visit was spoiled, left Obama talking about bake sales and how he didn’t know anything about it, it was all the Secret Service’s fault. The ongoing list of horrors produced mostly a sharp decline in Obama’s believability, so now he is embarked on a “charm offensive” which even aides say is just for show. There is a budget battle coming up.

President Obama has clearly stated that he does not believe that spending is a problem. No one knows how he arrives at that delusional idea. He believes that the problem is the rising costs of health care, which ObamaCare will arrest.

It’s hard to understand why Democrats don’t see that the glorious future they hope to achieve has been tried over and over and always failed. Europe is the only the most recent example. Creating a massive government program that would absorb one-sixth of the economy and make every American dependent on government for health care, they saw as a major stepping stone to the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. They are completely oblivious to the crumbling breakdown of their vision, sure that they can fix anything with a few new rules or regulations.

ObamaCare is a dreadful mess, and a law that will break down of its own weight. It is going to cost more than anyone dreamed, the law is stifling medical innovation, there are far from enough doctors, so the intent is to palm patients off on nurses, and import doctors from other countries. Now we learn that wives will be dropped from husband’s employer-provided health insurance. Insuring ‘children” until they are 26 will put an enormous burden on Insurance policies, and employers will have a strong incentive to drop spouses. ObamaCare requires a “per life” fee from companies that insure their workers, now $1 or $2 will be $65 in 2014. Some companies will simply require their employees to pay a spousal surcharge rather than drop them from the insurance rolls.

Democrats were astonished to learn that Paul Ryan’s budget plan includes the repeal of ObamaCare. The depth of the delusion is apparent when you recall that when ObamaCare passed, it’s supporters insisted the law would “bend the cost curve down,” and reduce the deficit.

The Senate’s budget plan (after 4 years of delay) not only does not  halt the massive spending in ObamaCare, it adds an estimated $1.2 trillion for subsidies to individuals for purchasing coverage through the exchanges., and $638 billion in matching funds for states to expand their Medicaid coverage. (possibly useless since few doctors will accept Medicaid patients).

Today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates ObamaCare will add almost $1.6 trillion in new spending over the next ten years. It obligates an estimated $1 trillion for subsidies to individuals for purchasing coverage through government exchanges and $644 billion for states agreeing to expand their Medicaid programs. To pay for the new entitlements, it takes over $700 billion out of Medicare, a program headed for insolvency without reform. They assume they can just pay doctors and hospitals less, and the medical professionals will still see those patients.

Supporters are desperate to hide ObamaCare’s failures and shortcomings, so the next phase has ideas such as strengthening the individual mandate penalty, expanding the powers of the Independent Payment Advisory Board. (IPAB) (Death Panels) Their only ideas are more force (mandates, fines and penalties), cutting the pay of providers, and denying service. You will participate, you can spend your days trying to find a doctor or go to the emergency room for any little thing raising costs dramatically, and if you are in such pain you need surgery, we’ll supply you with pain pills instead.

Every one of the major think tanks has brilliant ideas for replacing ObamaCare. Hospitals are reorganizing to save money and for greater efficiency. But individual doctors are coming up with different ways to practice. We have a number of “concierge’ doctors here— you pay an annual fee, and they become your doctor. I know  a physician who bought a big motor home, outfitted it as a doctor’s office, and arranged to park it at a local mall. I wrote recently about an Oklahoma Surgery Center that has reduced costs remarkably. Doctors are many of our best and brightest, and quite capable of finding innovative solutions. Pity that Democrats didn’t think to get their help. Of course they didn’t consult the American people either.  Just Dump it

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Hey, this is Obama’s “signature achievement” as president (despite the fact that you can barely get him to mention it in speeches and interviews). Democrats would rather bankrupt the country rather than admit it’s a bad law, and the administration will prop it up forever rather than admit it’s a failure. What they hope to do is get the system so firmly fixed in place that its repeal will will cause a lot of chaos. Unfortunately for them, it’s doing more damage to healthcare than solving any of its problems. This law, and Obama’s hubris, will prove to be the ultimate downfall of this administration.


Comment by Lon Mead

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