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The Clinton Hustle: Too Funny! by The Elephant's Child

Democrat technique, circa 1993. The Party of Progress: some things never change! Need to get your way? Just scare the rubes into compliance. Barack Obama isn’t doing anything new, for a Democrat, that is.

Rush Limbaugh TV show. Al Gore is — priceless.  Hahahahahaha

(h/t: Moonbattery)

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You mean 1993?

Comment by Subsidy Eye

Probably. I copied the date from the You Tube website without thinking about it. That mindless stuff always catches up with me. This is guessing from other You Tube clips— same suit and tie.

Comment by The Elephant's Child

Well, in 1983 Ronnie Reagan was President, and Bill Clinton didn’t take office until 1993.

P.S., I don’t normally associate “Rush Limbaugh” with the word “sane”.

Comment by Subsidy Eye

Yes, I know. I said “mindlessly”. If you don’t “associate” Rush with the word “sane” then you clearly never listen.

Comment by The Elephant's Child

You wrote “sane suit and tie”.

I have listened; I can’t stand the guy.

Comment by Subsidy Eye

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