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Promises, Promises. Disturbing Facts About ObamaCare. by The Elephant's Child

Late on Friday, 34 Democrats, almost two-thirds of the caucus, joined Senate Republicans in approving an amendment to repeal a medical-device excise tax, a key funding apparatus for ObamaCare. As an amendment to the budget, it is non-binding, but it clearly indicates that some Democrats are open to repealing the more unpopular parts of ObamaCare. Obama’s policy priorities are no longer the most important factor in Democrats’ political calculus.

It’s pretty clear to those who face election next year the ObamaCare is not exactly popular.  Americans hate it. And as they slowly become aware of what it does and how it plays out, they hate it even more. There have been many different studies done over the past few years to model what premium increases are likely to be under ObamaCare’s new rules. Here’s where it is necessary to remember that the Medicare Drug Bill under George W. Bush, is the only known government program that came in costing less than projected.

Source: “The Price of Obamacare’s Broken Promises,” report by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Majority Staff, Senate Committee on Finance Minority Staff, and Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Minority Staff, March 2013.

United Health Care, the nation’s largest insurer projects that rates could increase for individuals and small businesses could more than double.

Another new study suggests that over one-third of the 9.1 million full-time jobs among America’s franchises could be cut back or eliminated by ObamaCare as small businesses struggle to maintain profitability while coming up with the money to pay for Washington-mandated health care coverage, according to the International Franchise Association.

A study by the Association of American Medical Colleges found that the country will have 62,900 fewer doctors than its needs by 2015, thanks in large part to ObamaCare. At the same time a survey by the Physicians Foundation found that almost 50% of doctors say ObamaCare has made them less optimistic about the future of health care and they would retire today if they could.

What does it mean when there aren’t enough doctors? In Canada, the wait for a colonoscopy is reportedly three years. In some places they are already talking group appointments.

After ten years, ObamaCare will still leave 30 million without coverage, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That number could be much higher if the law causes premiums to spike and encourages people to drop coverage in spite of the law’s mandate.

Politicians aren’t any good at business decisions, they are only so-so at political decisions. When they start developing a business to take care of the health of the whole country, we’re in for trouble.

Some Nice Words: Some Bad Judgment. by The Elephant's Child


Barack Obama’s first trip to Israel as President of the United States started off with the presidential limousine breaking down because his people put the wrong fuel in it. A metaphor? Probably.

Mr. Obama has long-expected one of his signature achievements as president would be producing peace in the Middle East by bringing the “peace process” to a satisfactory conclusion. He has believed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be the cause of all Middle East problems, and he would just demand they sit down and talk.

Obama had some nice words in a speech to the Israeli people, then talked down to them. Then he had the extraordinarily bad judgment to give a speech in Ramallah on the West Bank, in front of a gigantic banner of Yassir Arafat, He actually said this:

I think it’s important for us to work through this [peace] process, even if there are irritants on both sides. The Israelis have concerns about rockets flying into their cities last night. And it would be easy for them to say, you see, this is why we can’t have peace because we can’t afford to have our kids in beds sleeping and suddenly a rocket comes through the roof. But my argument is even though both sides may have areas of strong disagreement [sic], may be engaging in activities that the other side considers to be a breach of good faith [sic], we have to push through those things to try to get to an agreement — because if we get an agreement then it will be very clear what the nature of that agreement is: There will be a sovereign Palestinian state, a sovereign Jewish State of Israel.

And those two states I think will be able to deal with each other the same way all states do. I mean, the United States and Canada has [sic] arguments once in a while, but they’re not the nature of arguments that can’t be solved diplomatically. And I think we can keep pushing through some of these problems and make sure that we don’t use them as an excuse not to do anything.

Can he possibly believe that the problems between Israel and the Palestinians is in any way similar to our arguments with Canada? His arguments with Stephen Harper over the Keystone XL must have been far more acrimonious than we knew. Talk about trivializing murder! The Palestinians bring up their children to be terrorists, extolling being a suicide bomber.

Israel’s demands have always been simple. Stop shooting rockets at us, and recognize the Israeli’s right to their own state.  Obama added:

[T]he United States remains committed to realizing the vision of two states, which is in the interests of the Palestinian people, and also in the national security interest of Israel, the United States, and the world.  We seek an independent, a viable and contiguous Palestinian state as the homeland of the Palestinian people, alongside the Jewish State of Israel — two nations enjoying self-determination, security and peace.

A viable and contiguous Palestinian state? There is no peace process. And the troubles between Israel and the Palestinians is not the reason for conflict in the Middle East. I heard on the radio that some 30 percent of Palestinians would prefer to live in Israel.

The State Department announced that they will unblock $500 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority. Congress froze funding for the Palestinian Authority in the wake of the PA’s attempt to unilaterally declare statehood via the United Nations. Despite President Obama’s request to PA President Mahmoud Abbas  not to go to the International Criminal Court to seek sanctions against Israel, Abbas, now in the ninth year of his four-year term, had vowed to do so.

Automation is now complete. Robots learn your last useful skill: by American Elephant
March 24, 2013, 2:29 pm
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Your last useful office function has been automated — you are now obsolete.

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