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A Rose Garden Temper -Tantrum: by The Elephant's Child

Gun Control was going to be President Obama’s big issue with which to attack Republicans. If Republicans don’t support more gun control and more background checks in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting to allay gun violence, then they obviously don’t care about our children. The Toomey /Manchin gun bill has gone down to defeat in the Senate, and a new Gallup poll indicates that gun control is an important issue for about 4% of the people. 96% would far rather that the government’s attention turned to jobs, unemployment, and the budget.

The President is addressing the public right now, to tell us how annoyed he is that we didn’t pass his bill. He has so far lied about it four times. He keeps saying that 90 percent of Americans want increased background checks, never mind Gallup. He is really angry, and wants to blame the irresponsible Senate, which won’t go down well. Of course he accepts no blame himself. His use of some of the Newtown families, he believes, was a principled effort, and he is offended that some found it offensive.

There is nothing in the defeated bill that would prevent any of the mass shootings that have happened over recent years, including at Newtown. Obama has long been on record as believing that people should not have guns. His unfamiliarity with shotguns was well demonstrated when the White House came up with a photo of the president “shooting skeet” at Camp David. I’ve only done that once, but the clay pigeons aren’t straight out in front of you, they’re up in the air, trying to imitate birds. The President doesn’t much like Camp David anyway, he’s a city person, more comfortable in an urban environment, according to Michelle.

The President’s rapport with Congress is declining. He acts as if spending time with members of Congress, even Democrats is an unpleasant chore. Being two months late producing a budget is not just annoying, but jams up the process in Congress. His assumption that he is above the rules and needn’t follow anyone elses schedule will not endear him to the people in Congress who have their own schedules to meet. Nasty exhibitions of anger at not getting his way are not going to help.


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See, that’s the Obama we’re all familiar with… angry, denouncing, blaming, dividing. Obama is wanting to blame Senate Republicans, but the Senate is majority Democrat, and Democrats helped vote this down. No matter… he’ll still do it, simply because that’s what he does. He’ll throw good chunk of blame at the “gun lobby” and say that they “bought” this result, even though anti-gun types like Mayor Bloomberg spent more lobbying for the legislation. And Obama will continue to cite the “moral authority” of the Newtown parents, while completely ignoring the parents from Newtown who declined Obama’s invitation to become a political prop.

Obama showed more emotion, more genuine feeling, making this statement than he ever showed making his comments about Benghazi, Boston, and the killing of bin Laden. And his dishonesty? Business as usual.


Comment by Lon Mead

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