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How Crayons Are Made by The Elephant's Child

I love watching assembly lines, seeing how things are made. It’s no wonder so many science fiction stories portray a society that suddenly doesn’t work at all; and we’re all left to try to cope, and we don’t know how to make anything useful. Did you learn how to make fire in Boy Scouts? And snares? We are useless without our electricity and creature comforts.


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That video looks as if it was made in the 1960s. I suspect nowadays it’s all done with robots.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Yes, probably, but the basic process will be the same, machines just replacing some of the people. In my experience, the machine processes are usually designed by the workers, who see ways to improve and speed up the assembly line. I wonder if sales of crayons are up today, or are crayons getting phased out? I can remember having crayons as a kid, they always broke, and the short stubs were no good. And I remember first seeing the huge boxes of crayons containing every possible color.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

True. I was just amazed how much intervention there was by humans in the process.

I have fond memories of those wax crayons. They’re still used, but there are lots of competing brands. Though Crayola is still regarded as top of the line. Kids still like to color, but now they also get sparkly magic markers and stuff like that.

My main memory is how I always ran out of black first and how it and yellow did not blend.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

I had an aunt who did water colors. I was completely fascinated with her box of colors. She did painting holiday little trips some summers. When she visited, and set up to paint the river, I accompanied her to scare off the snakes (garter), and any other wild beasts, which worried her, but not me.

I still remember my first experience in a store with a large art-supply department. All those many kinds of colors, pastels, pencils, paints and many kinds of crayons. Talk about covetousness! Probably why I ended up in art school. I was never very fond of crayons, but everyone probably has memories of their crayons when they were small.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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