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Obama Fails His Most Important Job by American Elephant

Obama Days Without Terrorist Attack

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Terrorists attacked the United States at home on September 11, 2001, 8 months into President Bush’s first year in office. We now know, from the 9/11 Commission, that one of the major reasons is because the Clinton administration had erected a “wall” that prevented the CIA and FBI from communicating with one another. After that horrific day, President Bush kept Americans safe at home for the rest of his two terms in office.

Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama cannot say the same thing.

America has been attacked again, by people we not only allowed to immigrate, but for whom we provided welfare as well. If the news media were remotely fair or balanced, or if a Republican were president, this failure is all they would be talking about. But it is not, so they are trying their hardest to ignore the administration’s failure altogether.

Our government was warned multiple times and did nothing. Americans deserve answers.

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Americans do deserve answers. Maybe when the investigation panel is set up, the Dems can put one of the officials responsible for the problem on the panel, like they did with one of the 9/11 investigations.

They put Jamie Gorelick on the panel, the same Jamie Gorelick that was most directly responsible for erecting that “wall” that you were talking about. Because of her presence on the panel, she was nicely situated to not only make sure that no detailed discussion about the wall and why it was put in place, but also to shield the Clinton Administration that allowed such policies to be enacted.


Comment by Lon Mead

The same Jamie Gorelick who then went on to work at Fannie Mae and help engineer the financial collapse too!

Perhaps Sandy Berger is stuffing classified documents down his shorts as we speak!


Comment by American Elephant

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