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Conscientious Conservatives vs. Unprincipled Bastards. by The Elephant's Child

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The extreme differences between the thinking of Liberals and that of Conservatives is an endlessly distasteful obsession of mine. If you read some of the early fulminations in the media upon the election of Barack Obama, it’s clear that he was widely regarded as someone who would bring the two warring camps in Washington together. Bipartisanship. Bringing people together — peace in our time.

It was only talk. Liberals want to do away with Conservatives, not get along with them. Their hatred for Conservatives is palpable — because we disagree. They don’t just want to defeat us in elections, they want us unable to compete at all. Liberals are apt to approach subjects emotionally, to turn to those who agree with them and reject those who don’t. They say silly things about the right because their understanding comes from what their friends say — they have no direct experience of conservatives. Haven’t you noticed that they all say the same thing at the same time?

For example, Liberals want to raise the minimum wage. They feel deeply for the poor, and think it is just plain mean to expect someone to support a family on the minimum wage at $7 an hour. The minimum wage is meant to be a starting point for beginners, not families. Studies show when it is raised too much, businesses are unwilling to pay people while they are trained to perform the most minimum tasks adequately. Increasing the minimum wage eliminates the first step on the ladder of lifetime employment. Liberals are not interested in studies.

What got me started on this was a video on the Boston Herald site. A female reporter was interviewing the photographer who took the iconic photographs of the immediate aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing. She showed a photo, full screen, and asked the reporter “How did you feel when you took that picture?” Stark photos of the first-responders in among the wounded and the debris. Then she’d show another and ask “How did you feel when you took this one?” Repeat, over and over. [ I have worked with lots of photographers, I can tell you that the one thing he was totally unaware of was his “feelings.” He was concerned with getting a good shot, representing the horror going on, catching the rush to help, the faces, the bodies, the wounds, the lighting, the design.] I knew Liberals thought of emotion first, but really!

Here is an important example of the liberal mindset, with three articles that make the problem clear:

— From Slate:the liberal view of global warming, Fox News, and the narrow right-wing wackos for whom Fox is their only news source.
— From the Washington Times: David Deming, a geophysicist and professor at the University of Oklahoma, explains the science.
— From the Weekly Standard: Steven Hayward, indispensable intellectual, professor, explains the rise and fall of the Climate Circus, how it happened, and why it matters.

Do read all three, they’re not long and they are keepers — that explain the confusion about the whole global warming issue. Global Warming is not just an emotional issue for Liberals, it is about as close as you can get — to a true religion. The left on the one hand talks about progress and how to fix everything that is wrong with the world today. On the other hand, their solutions are the same old failed progressive ideas that have been handed down from Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton to Obama. Their ideas have never worked, but they are sure that this time it will be different.

Liberals are perpetually discontented. They are sure that if they can just fix the things that so annoy them, change the bad things, they will arrive at some happy Utopia — or at least a better place. They admit to no underlying principles. They would like to have some, but they just can’t figure out what they are.

On the right, you find conservatives consistently talking about principles, facts, studies, freedom and free markets and how those principles apply to the problems of the day. The Constitution is revered by conservatives as the document devised by the people, who grant limited powers to the government that exists at their pleasure. It is a simple document that states general principles and doesn’t pretend to address all the problems of a country. At 226 years of age, it is the longest serving constitution in the world, and has served us well, and most Americans take pride in it.

Conservatives are more apt to recognize ordinary human nature as rather messy and not fixable. Perhaps what makes conservatives different from liberals is that they paid attention when their mothers told them that “life isn’t fair. You just have to do the best you can.” Liberals kept whining about stuff not being fair, and are convinced that if you just trust their expertise,
they will fix it.


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On another website, there is a discussion that’s close to this. It has to do with the hysterical emails sent out by the DCCC, and how they never engage in specifics, but only seek to demonize Republicans. There was something in the comments that I had to respond to:
-GOP Ad: Obama is a nice guy, who is very smart, tries hard and loves the country, but he is regrettably in over his head.
Democrat Ad: Romney gave some woman cancer.
Who won?”
My response:
-And your point is?
I would rather support a candidate with honesty and integrity that loses than one that is a baldface liar who wins.
Obama is a loser, regardless of his circumstance. And there is always a backlash against this sort of thing… eventually, people want answers, and they will gravitate those who them. The Democrats have no answers, simply complaints.

The next two comments:
-The stakes are high enough(the fate of the country) that stooping to the Democrats’ level is definitely warranted.

-Obama’s hurting America, but that didn’t stop the masses from reelecting him. That’s a very big problem, don’t you think?

My reply:
-Yes it is. Do you honestly think that stooping to the level of a liar is the way to combat this problem?
How about simply bring on candidates who are able and willing to answer the Democrats negativity with an essentially positive one? Ones who are able and willing to answer lies and slander, not with some of their own, but with truth and honesty?
I will not have anything to do with a candidate… from either party… who feels the path to winning is blatant dishonesty and underhanded tactics.

All of that is part of an issue that needs to be addressed. Some people have seen what lying (and the lack of response to it) have gotten the Democrats. The “anything to win” mentality is a serious temptation that usually winds up being more trouble than it’s worth (it’s one of the reasons I could not support Newt Gingrich – his gratuitous, baseless attacks were exactly what the Obama Campaign was doing, and if we could not do better than that, then we deserved to lose).

Sinking to the level of your opponents is not the way to come out ahead, and in this case, where many are only seeing the “success” of this strategy are failing to see the potential downside. For instance, notice how no one really wants Obama to campaign for them? How tying a Democrat opponent to one of Obama’s policies has been the death knell for several Democrat political careers?

Obama was a fluke. Romney could have been a hell of a lot better campaigner, but he was honest and true to his principles, both personal and political. And I refuse to believe that in order to win, the Republicans have to, in any way, stoop to the level of the Democrat opposition.


Comment by Lon Mead

Why would I vote for a conservative from what I hear on their media everyday?

I know how you do not like politically correct speech so pardon me as I have a pout rage.

Speaking of the constitution.

I would guess that many conservatives would stay true to the 14th Amendment and not interpret it to suit their collective egos, their passions, their emotions.

I am sure conservatives will find some sort of great logic or a great communicator in chief to convince people why the 2nd amendment is sacred but the 14th amendment is not.

Will conservatives stop their attack on the seventh amendment? Probably not because they think people are to stupid to be trusted with their justice system as is reported by the lawsuit hype of conservative media. (Similar to the gun hype of the liberal media.)

It appears to me that conservatives are just as stupid and hard headed as liberals when it comes to the true spirit and soul of the constitution.

Conservatives believe in the constitution when it applies to them as citizens of this country but that is as far as they go. If conservative truly believed in the spirit and soul of the constitution they would not use their lawyers to violate that spirit when it suited their needs. Why is it that we still have people in prison in the Navy base in Cuba that have not had a trial? They are criminals. It is as simple as that. Give them a trial or let them go. (This is why I trust a conservative less then a liberal.)

Any conservative that uses the word constitution is more then likely talking out of their ass.

This great system of capitalism that aggregates the decisions of people to pick winners really sucks for Democracy. Is that what you are saying? The majority is smart when it picks the truck I like but the majority is stupid when it does not pick the truck I like because they were to stupid.

Conservatives have won the popular vote in one national election in the past six presidential elections. A fluke? It was because of election fraud? (The “other” team is pure as the white show.)

Was it because conservatives still cannot get their message out because the liberal media is indoctrinating people more then the conservative media is indoctrinating people.

If conservatives truly believed in this democracy you would work to prevent gerrymandering to bring more competition into politics. (I know conservatives understand that word competition.)

Or maybe conservatives should support instant run off elections to allow more parties to compete. (There’s that word again.)

Maybe conservatives should raise up in arms over Arizona (big government) passing laws to prevent local communities from wasting their money in gun buy backs.

Maybe conservatives should raise up in arms in Michigan when the governor (big government) takes over local communities without a vote. (I believe this was the reason for the American Revolution, taxation without representation.) Sounds like a slippery slope to me.

Politics is about passions and the constitution is a handy piece of paper for people to use in the service of their egos, conservatives and liberals.


Comment by Mark Baird

[…] and think of themselves as compassionate and concerned and their argument becomes as much about feelings as about […]


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